Tuesday 27 January 2015


They say curly {read: digi-permed} hair is high maintenance. I disagree. I've had my hair digipermed last 2011, and I don't have any regrets ever since. HERE's my lastest post about Mr. Shin's magic on my hair. Truth is, I am yet to post the most recent one since I've had my hair permed last October 2014, just before I go to London.  

Whilst I'm making a statement that treated hair are not high maintenance, there's a couple of TLC steps one has to make to ensure split ends are minimal! This is not the first time I've came across Organix Argan Oil products. I saw them first in Landmark Makati but I find the price too overrated back then.

Then while doing the mandatory Christmas shopping just before I go to Glasgow Scotland last December, I spotted the same bottle and this time, I feel the need {okay, the urge} to grab one.

Light weight. I hate oil products that feel like oil {not sure if I'm making sense} good thing this bottle is anything but that. You can still feel some oily sensation attached to it but nothing too heavy. Scent. It's smells delicate and woody at the same time. Too swift that before you're done, applying them onto your locks, the scent is gone. Reasonable Price. £5.00 for 100 ml is not over the top if you'll think about it. Plus I'm saying this after 5 weeks of using it with approx 75% left on the tube. It does the job. Yeah, so far, I'm happy with the results. Not to say my split ends are 100% gone but the change is noticeable.

TIP: Apply this before you sleep. Or if you intend to stay at home. Thing is - with oil on your tresses, it's noticeable however light it may seem to be.

Better with a pump. I think the lifespan would have been more longer with a pump, that's all :)

 Judging how long is my HAPPY THOUGHTS column and how one-liner my WISHFUL THOUGHT is, it's obvious that I'm loving it. This will form part of my night time beauty routine for the next 10, maybe 20 years! -CMK

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