Sunday 11 January 2015


It's easy to blog when everything is going your way. Like, you can make sense out of things and everything has pink bows on it. However, we know that LIFE is not like that {and then blogging becomes quite a challenge!}.  I think the earlier we come to terms with LIFE being bipolar, the better. And like I said on my recent POST, when so many things are going on in your mind, 2 things are quite handy. Having a long shower is one of those. 

Enter: Bath Bombs and Yankee Candles

I like the idea of a shower downtime. To me, this should be a need rather than a want. Splashing water. Pristine scent of a candle. Just you and your thoughts. I'll be honest, I haven't heard of bath bombs before. Then before Christmas, me and my friend S went to Bentalls {like Rustans} and there's a bath bomb sale! :)

Simplest way to describe it: Fill your bath tub with water and drop this luscious bomb! It will explode to a scent-sational pieces thus making your bath time a real bliss! You can buy one from Lush, though the bath bomb I'm holding is from a local UK shop. Yankee candles are another mood upper! I got mine in Snowflake Cookie flavor! These are some few things that make winter extra cozy!

When life seems so complicated, you may want to consider taking a step back and deal with the here and now. Often times, we are so worried by too many things we forget that we are so blessed in many ways. Sure, life is weirdo but it's meant to be lived and enjoyed.
And enjoying life may mean reveling in little things like long shower and filling your room with a Snowflake Cookie scent! Have a good week guys! -CMK

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