Saturday 8 November 2014


You always hear people say: Go out and try something new. For yours truly, it's easier said than done. Admittedly, I'm one of those who can spend the whole day inside my room and be perfectly fine with it. I can read books, arrange my closet, write in this blog and invent tons of to-do things.

However, you don't do that in London.

The city is so vibrant that you'll feel cheated if you don't get what it has to offer. I realized that my friends played a major role in getting me out of my comfort bed zone. Here's a quick recap of what new things I tried the past week:

NEW THING 1: Watched Miss Saigon
There's so little that I know about this musical. I only know 2 things: Kim is the name of the lead role and she committed suicide in the end. After I watched the whole show, my perspective changed 180 degrees! I won't tell you the nitty gritty details but I did enjoy every bit of it. I am delighted to know that Lea Salonga is the original Kim (yes, I am such a late bloomer to have known about this only now). I also ended up listening to the whole Ms. Saigon album in Spotify. My 2 favorites are: The Heat is On in Saigon and I'd Give My Life For You. (Kim is singing that to her son, Tam). I can't help but to share! Here's Eva Noblezada, she plays the role of Kim (this 2014). She sang this clip on BBC morning show.

NEW THING 2: Went into a Horror House
One Tuesday, I was sitting with a client crunching numbers and other financial stuff when I got an email from a friend. I'm not really up for this adventure but I said to myself: It's either I remain boring doing these boring stuff or I try something new. And that's how I got into this. Heheh! Mind you, minutes before going inside, I was having a cold feet - but all is good. After shrieks and screams our group has made it. Only downside was we went home by 1 am making it impossible for me to do our usual morning walk.

NEW THING 3: Watched a Magic Show (Live)
Another interesting thing. And guess what? I was like a kid from beginning to end. This is quite an experience. Here's the thing: The magician {2nd from the left} will throw a monkey stuff toy and whoever catches it will join him on stage for a magic trick. I was so praying that such toy won't come anywhere near me... guess where it landed? Straight into my lap! 

Sorry to disappoint but I didn't come up on stage. I was just not prepared for that. My friend was laughing but totally understood my faint-hearted-ness in an instant. After that my pulse rate returns to normal. The last act was what I found hilarious. Heheh. Ahh, to be a kid again. - CMK


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