Tuesday 21 October 2014


Weather today says 17 degrees celcius, Londoners say it's a bit 'hot' this year since a classic autumn season is way below this temperature but I'd welcome this hot weather anytime. So, remember my post last 1st of September about What My Day Looks Like? When I wrote that, I had this trip on my mind.

Living in London the past months has taught me lots of things. You know me, I don't fancy changes, but now I'm starting to see the beauty of it. A typical working day for me is to wake up at 6:30 am-ish. Getting out of bed becomes an extra challenge these days because it's always dark. Take a hot bath and dress up. Do my  hair and basic makeup then catch the 8:00 am train.

The Daily {yet Inspiring} Grind
My job sometimes requires a client visit and so last week, I've been into Fleet Street for a financial report discussion. Number crunching as it is, look what I saw on my way  home? Saint Paul's Cathedral plus a double decker bus. This is Central London. I have some sort of a love hate relationship with Central London. I love it because the place is so vibrant and picturesque. I hate it when it's rush hour (yeah, there is one in this part of the globe too) and you have to take 2 train rides to get home. Overall, I find it relaxing walking into the alley. It's like walking in a post card every single day :) This is pretty much my 9 am to 5 pm thing.

Home is Where the Heart Is
You know what I'm looking forward every single day? Call it shallow but it's coming home! I like the sight of my Fuchsia bed and fluffy pillows. Small talks with my friends and get this: a catch up of my favorite soaps of course! Cheesy puff! It gives me an ultra boost of happy thought whenever I am about to jump into this bed and start my teleserye marathon. I'm making the most out of this as well since I am planning to get involved at Hillsong UK care group plus there'll be so much going on next week so yeah, I'll embrace these quiet moments. So far, this is my after work and nighty night peg.

I just had a bad case of major break outs. I've never had so much pimples this year than just recently. Maybe it's the water or the hormones (you know it when red days are coming). Geez! I'll be updating you guys with my simple facial routine which I reckon is working well because the pimples have vanished and only these freaky scars remain :P

Don't you love the hearty sweatshirt (with matching PJ's) combo? I am excited for the days to come. I know God has good plans for us - we just have to be at our best and trust Him at all times.

After all the butingtings before bed time, I'll open the Ed Lapiz app and listen to Tatay Ed until I fall asleep. Today is another wonderful day. Ready for tomorrow! Yay! This is week 2. -CMK.


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