Monday 22 September 2014


Some weeks ago, you may have noticed a trending hash tag in twitter called #FREEINMYSKIN, that was brought about by Physiogel. As they put, "The Free in My Skin Movement aims to empower women to fully embrace and participate in life by freeing them from dry and sensitive skin, because having dry and sensitive skin can serve as a hindrance for women to fully function to their best abilities. This movement also aims to honor smart, strong, sensitive women who have faced their insecurities (physically and emotionally) and are now embracing and living life to the fullest."

Patti Grandidge (above) is the image model of the brand. She shared that due to different climates she has experienced (from her frequent travels), such took a toll on her skin, making her feel insecure. Good thing there's a brand that addressed this specific concern creating a more empowered and free women these days!

The team has sent over some samples for my review and it took me about a week to gather my thoughts and put it into blog post. First impression is the whole packaging is minimalist. It doesn't have any loud, colorful, play-with-words facade, only straight to the point shell that shows it's a hypoallergenic lotion and it makes skin less sensitive and dry. They put across the message spot on and I appreciate that.

One lather is all you need to see that it's not an ordinary lotion. When you apply it to your hands and legs, you'll notice that it gives you that smooth and soft texture in an instant. It's hard to explain but if you're that curious, you may want to try a tester on your favorite beauty department store near your place.

TIP: This is perfect specially if you're bound to visit another country in its fall/winter season. I've never appreciate the power of a lotion not until I was in Prague and my legs started to flake like crazy (!) At that moment, I rummaged the nearest beauty drug store and albeit its different translation, I thankfully grabbed some lotion to get me through the budding winter season.

It's a bit pricey compared to other lotions. A 100 ml retails for approx. Php 450. It took me quite some time to get use to it being odorless. I prefer lotions with hint of smell but I gather that most hypoallergenic lotions don't have any scent.

TIP: I've included this into my night time ritual! Before going to bed, I lather a generous scoop all over my hands and legs. It can feel a bit thick hence I prefer to have this on during bed time.

Isn't it amazing that there's a specific brand of lotion that tackles your unique skin needs? I think it's much easier to mass produce a product that has a one-size-fits-all profile but I am grateful that someone has experienced the need and did something about it. For me, I'll be bring this along with me on my next travel. Aaand since Christmas is just around the corner (yes, it's only September but you know what I mean) - this is an awesome gift to your friend who has an extra-sensitive skin. Give him or her a gift that's worthy of a hash tag, #FREEINMYSKIN! -CMK


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