Wednesday 3 September 2014


Because sometimes life's a b*tch beach
To COPE is to master, tolerate, minimize stress or conflict. It involves effort to do just that. Here are some eight ways to cope when life's being a little "beach".

1. LAUGH. Just Because. More oxygen and relaxed muscles are good for health. Find humor in a difficult situation. Heal your wounds with cheerfulness. Watch comedy if you must. Talk to a friend na magaan kasama. 2. ELIMINATE the source of stress. Whenever you can, avoid people or situation causing you to frown. 3. PRAY instead of worrying. Do not worry, do what you can and for things beyond your control, lift it up to GOD. When you know how to worry, you know how to pray.

4. MANAGE your emotions. Hindi sinusunod lahat ng bugso ng damdamin. Like King David, accept peacefully what cannot be changed (David's reaction when his first born died). Breathe and say, "ganyan lang talaga yan..." "wala tayong magagawa..." after doing everything within your power.

5. FOCUS on what makes you feel good. Do not be anxious about anything, present your request to GOD with thanksgivng. Don't think of that which bothers you, control the directions of your thoughts. Empower yourself. Fortify yourself. Minimize fear.

6. SEEK / RECEIVE social support. Have friends. Have social groups. Have church ministries. When people live together, some sacrifices need to be done for the sake of harmony (i.e. there will be times when people bothers you, but isn't it amazing to know that you can 'bother' people too when you need them?)

7. AVOID thoughts and circumstances that cause stress. May mga problemang dapat na lang tulugan because we can't do anything about it. Sleep through the storm when you must. Palampasin na lang kaysa maloka ka.

8. KEEP FIT. Stay as healthy as possible. When you ask, why am I stressed? It's time to check the food that you're eating. Have a healthy diet. Destress and detoxify.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, let people cope with their problems. Don't judge. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT IS to be in other people's shoes. Hindi natin alam ang bigat na dinadala ng ibang tao, we don't know the storms that people have to go through. And since we don't have any idea, do not judge people. Stay as happy as possible and spread positive vibes.

- This is my notes from Kuya Ed Lapiz's message entitled COPE. -CMK

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