Thursday 25 September 2014


It's been my third year of being a book fanatic at Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). It's such a happy place for that book lover, or okay, sometimes nerdy part of me. I didn't go overboard this year. Unlike last year where I got books more than I could read, I tried to keep it manageable.

For you to have a comparison, here's a book haul I've posted last MIBF 2013 (click HERE). As usual, I decided to drop by the fair at first day, first hour. Literally, the fair began at 10 am - I was there 10:20 am. I haven't had the chance to sip my morning coffee so I had my cup first at the nearest shop which is Cafe Bene. It was only then that I noticed that coffee shop is a Korean franchise pala. I ordered the classic and safest (cafe mocha), taste is okay. Good to know that there's a socket, so I charged my phone for a while.

That's a quick shot, for you guys. Regular cup costs Php 140 and that contains one espresso shot. I like the taste though I find it too milky. I want my cup more bitter than sweet.

Anyways, as a prelude to my haul this year, I opted to try new genres. Before, it's a majority of self help books and comics. This year, I tried other genres by which I was not too comfortable. But hey, that's the purpose of reading, isn't it? To expand your vocabulary and experiences.

TIP: There's a tiny entrance fee worth Php 20. SMX gates (ground floor, you won't miss it) are all open. All you have to do is pay and off you go. Don't forget to have your wrist stamped if you need to go out and get back again. There are comfort rooms and they're all easy to locate. After  this rather loooong introduction, here's my round up after the jump!

Why Men Marry Bitches. (Php 640) Ha! Not that I'm taking lessons from a b*tch, it's just that I'm curious on the author's writing style that's all. I find the book amusing and it reminds me of a book called He's Not That Into You, whether they are the same, I'm not sure at this point but I'll keep you posted.

Eat.Move.Sleep. (Php 600) and How Full is Your Bucket (Php 360)? are both promising for me. Have you heard of the book Strength Finder 2.0? Tom Rath is the author of all these 3 books. I think it's about time I flex my career muscles a bit. This is gonna be interesting! :) I got them all at Fully Booked Booth at 20% off the price tag.

Called to excel. Beauty for Ashes. GOD's guide to Food, Fitness and Faith and When Sorry is Not Enough. All these retails for Php 100 each. This is only good at CSM booth, during MIBF 2014. On other bookstores, you can purchase it at SRP.
The 5 Love Languages Single Edition and Guarding Your Heart and Mind also retails for Php 100. I specifically got intrigued by the authors' way of putting across their message. It's a good devotional material too.

Lastly, the magazines (Php 50 each)! Who could resist the urge to buy some back-issues? I tried but failed miserably. Now that I finished the 2 mags, can I just say that I am so loving the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING magazines? No, I am not leaping to married life just yet, what I'm talking about is how meaty the articles are. I find it more sensible compared to some yuppies magazines, TBH. Anyways, let's see how far will I go in reading all these loots! -CMK


  1. I've just finished reading Why Men Marry Bitches recently and it was quite a nice read. I actually learned a lot about dating and marriage and how (Western) men think. :)

    1. Wow. That's interesting. Thanks for the tip! What's your favorite part of the book, if any? :)

    2. The book is actually composed of relationship principles. Each principle is explained by the author complete with stories of men and women she has interviewed. I like the parts when she would say women are powerful, we can always control our men if we know how to push the right buttons. Haha. :) #womenempowerment


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