Tuesday 5 August 2014


Hello Gin! Good job! First of all, can I just say that your questions are one of the most thought-about questions I've ever received on my Money Matters Q&A? :) It tackles a wide array of good points, I'll do my best to answer them one by one.

The Quest for Financial Literacy
I am awed when you shared that you are a nurse and living in Tarlac, yet you want to attend a seminar in Ortigas (if not for the constraint)! What's more amazing is that you are only 23 years old! These signs, by itself, position you into a good financial boat - 5, maybe 10 years from now. It's good to attend seminars like these, I for one have enrolled to courses I think will be beneficial on my financial literacy growth (Related Post: WHAT'S A GOOD INVESTMENT STRATEGY?). However, if it's not at all doable, there are options. You can self study but arm yourself with caution. Don't believe anything without doing your due diligence first.

To believe or Not to Believe COL Financial Stock Picks?
It's a tricky question and to answer with an outright YES or No might not be accurate, but from my point of view - I'd say COL Financial Stock Picks are carefully thought about by their financial experts. For a newbie, I suggest that you start with blue chip companies. They are pricier than second liner stocks but you can sleep at night knowing it would only be a matter of time when you reap your rewards from investing (Related Post: WHAT'S YOUR GOAL? START YOUNG. ENJOY EARLY.).

Au-GHOST month? How true?
I've written an altogether separate post about it, HERE. In my opinion, this is not an absolute rule, we are in August right now and our PSEi has just hit 7,000 points today! (August 4, 2014). This ghost month thing has something to do with tradition and rather than scaring us, we should be all the more careful on what stocks to buy.

Start Now!
The best time to start is while you're young. Time is a commodity, and even if your investment is not as large as you think it is, just invest. This might surprise you because one day - your future self will thank you for what you've done today.

I hope this helps! ☺ -CMK

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