Tuesday 15 July 2014


Life is not about mere survival. People don't live just to survive. Life is not about duty. People should be able to focus on what's truly important for them. Be free from duties and commitments. Better yet, do your duties ASAP and move on.

Life is not about career. Remember, not everybody on the top is happy. There will always be someone greater or lesser than yourself. Careers, in itself, do not define life. Life is not about pride, honor or image. Aanhin mo ang image kung hindi ka naman masaya. Ang mahalaga ay ang mga taong kapag natumba ka ay magtatayo sa'yo (What's important are those people whom when you fall, they'll be the ones who'll help you up). 

Never mind the bystanders and gossipers. Life is not about gathering treasures. In gaining treasures, we pay time and relationships. Know when to stop. GOD wants to give you people and things - just in time. So that you'll depend on HIM alone. Bukas, nandiyan ulit ang Diyos.

Don't exchange people for things. Riches alone won't make you safe. Poor may also mean people who are without peace, pleasure, safety. The wisest man on earth (King Solomon) has completed his thesis about life and he concluded: 

Live to do God's will, enjoy and be happy. This is what life is about.
Enjoyment, rest, peace, love and Godliness are the essentials of life
Ecclesiastes 12:13 answers What life is about? That we respect and obey GOD.

JESUS says:
♣ Come to me and I will give you rest.
♣ My yoke is easy, my burden is light.
♣ I came that you may have life, and have it to the full.

Hindi sadista ang Diyos. GOD wants you happy. Whenever you have the chance, be happy! Create good times. Do not intentionally do things that make you sad. 

Let others:
- live to do God's will not yours (stop dominating people).
- be happy.
- enjoy their way, in their terms.

Magpasaya ng kapwa, because even without religious labels, God appreciates that. QOTD: Pampasaya ba yan? Let happiness be a part of your everyday life. Laugh at life. Most importantly, make your loved ones laugh. (Excerpt from Ed Lapiz, Happiness Naman! Photo Credit: Pinterest) -CMK



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