Saturday 12 July 2014


It was one of those days, days when so many things were going on my mind. Decisions to be thought of and made, plus so much more. Good thing it was a Sunday and my long lost friend and I planned to meet and go to church. It's a pretty sunny day but the wind was just the same chilly, at least for someone who grew on a tropical country like me. Place is festive, it's one of the concert places where Michael Jackson performed.

The moment I stepped into the theater, so many people were welcoming us. But the most touching part was when we finally got a seat, I looked in front and I found two words that I'd never forget. The words? WELCOME HOME. I've never felt so reassured. I suddenly realize that as much as there's only one moon (whether we're in Manila or London) there's only ONE GOD wherever we are. And HE is in control. And as long as we are with HIM, that's home.

Here's some bits and pieces of my experience:

Theirs are the most contemporary beat I've ever heard. My younger brother is a drummer and I recall that these are some of the songs he's been asking me to listen. I'm more of the mellow ones but hey, it's not that bad pala. I came to appreciate the drums, beats and sounds. Most importantly, the meaning of each song. One of my most favorite lines came from their song entitled OCEANS, it goes: You {GOD} never fail, and You won't start now. Hashtag: Powerful!

It's not altogether different. It's more concise than what we have here (at least from my local church) but the effect is the same. To encourage us (and afflict us, if needed). I recall that the preaching that time was about adjustment and contentment. I've been receiving so many confirmation as I hear the message and it's such a comfort knowing that we have His guidance wherever we may be.

If you've attended a victory group before, it's like that. I've had some acquaintances and I hope to see them soon, if God allows. I was about to go to North London to attend some coffee tasting event with my new found friends, however, I promised one of my Ates that I'll share my testimony in her local church. In a nutshell, it's all good.

In hindsight, I am convinced that everything happens for a reason. Life offers us some up and down moments, but I believe if we are anchored in the LORD, we'll have this unspeakable joy no matter what. I don't like to appear mushy, but these came from my very core, really. ☺ -CMK

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