Wednesday 7 May 2014


Learning is an everyday process. You wouldn't come to a point that you're all-knowing and there's nothing new to be learned. Otherwise, life would be terribly boring. I've began my quest on personal finance some periods ago, and I've learned a lot ever since. Greatest leap that I've gone into was I enrolled in Registered Financial Planner, Philippines (RFP) April of last year. I must say, it was all worth it.

In hindsight, I have collated my Top 3 notes to self this year. I'm still working on each area as of my publish date, but no rush, we take baby steps! Here they are, let me know if you can relate:

♣ Invest regularly.
Studies backed up by real numbers show that between buy and hold vs. peso cost averaging, the latter yields more return. FYI: Buy and hold means investing one time and let the money grow without adding any investments. Peso cost averaging means you regularly invest.  Having said that, I know that peso cost averaging is the better choice, however, I'm procrastinating on the execution part. I need to devise a way and invest regularly to maximize the yields. After all, I am more of an aggressive investor + my time horizon is five years or more.  (Related Post: Start Young, Enjoy Early)

♣ Increase my investment fund percentage.
Operative word: If possible. I know that some people have more bills to pay than others, however, whenever possible, let's increase our investment fund percentage. Simply put, if you are investing 20% of your monthly income, make it 25% for a change. Think of it this way: that LV Never Full Bag will depreciate the moment you take it from the store, however, if you have invested the fund into an equity market, your money could've grown much more. If you want to do a spot check if you can handle what it takes to be in the stock market, here's 5 SIGNS THAT STOCK MARKET INVESTING IS FOR YOU.

♣ Revisit my investment portfolio. 
Yes, more like check-ups. Investment portfolio means your basket of investments. Of course, you have options like Mutual Funds, UITF, Direct Stock Market, etc. Whatever option you chose, it's best that you've set apart a time and check which investment generates higher return. Remember to diversify, so the risks are spread among your investment types.

It's not the most exciting thing to do, but I am certain that this is something that our future self will thank us for. Specially when we're cashing in our gains months or years from now. What fund have you set up? Travel Fund? House Fund? Wedding Fund? Exciting times ahead! -CMK

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