Friday 9 May 2014


Aaand how I miss blogging! I've been on a hush mode the past days weeks since I'm currently in London, United Kingdom. This explains all the prior posts before this. I have conciously abstained from documenting my trip (via FB/Twitter/Blog) for the simple reason that I want to live the moment. I plan to write things in hindsight.

So, this is my third week and I am loving it. It's not a walk in the park, there's a huge adjustment on so many things but with God's help (don't know where would I be without His guidance) - I have learned to embrace what God allows me to experience right here, right now. Post for today is nothing grand, it's more of some bits and pieces that I find interesting whilst living a life here in the UK.

London Train System
If you know someone who's dumbo in terms of public transportation, your list should include me. I have been lost so many times even within Makati (which I've been into for the last 10 years). When I've heard from Maya that London train system is the most complex she'd been to, jitter bug bit me real hard.

However, after a couple of days, I can sit on the train, do sight seeing and alight from one station to another without a shaddow of a doubt. I love how user friendly their map is, and most of all, it's in English! Woohoo!
People make good use of their time
aI can't help but notice, while waiting on the train, people read. Be it a real book or kindle or iPad, they are doing something of value. They seldom chat, except for a handful of students but that's about it. I don't know, maybe that's just the way they are. Is it a good thing or otherwise? You decide.


Gloomy Weather
Before, I can't understand why Europeans love the sun. Specially in beaches, like Boracay, you can see them going where the sun is. We do the opposite. Now, I get it. In this part of the globe, Mr. Sun is elusive. And when you see a hint of sunlight, you cannot feel its heat. Being allergic to sun rays that I am, I'm starting to officially miss you, Mr. Sun :)

There's so many things I plan (operative word) to write about, but this should be good for now. Hope you can still drop by this little blog even though the entries come by rarely these days. Enjoy your season wherever you are! Life is short, try to enjoy it!

PS: There's a very beautiful park near my flat, overlooking Thames River (pronounced as Thems) - I'll be glad to share you some pictures once I got the time. Tata! -CMK

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