Friday 11 April 2014


I always, I mean, ALWAYS get excited at the mere sight of cheesecakes and coffees! It's like I am seeing their yummy state for the very first time. And the decision making?! Oh, I always get the last-to-order trophy! Another proof that girls are indecisive. #Justifying :)

Just weeks before, me and my little sisters (B & K) decided to go on a little food trip! We had a homey lunch along the stretch of Kapitolyo Pasig and headed here at EPIC! It's a country side, bike-loving, hole-in-the-wall type of coffee house. And here's a bunch of what we've ordered:

Strawberry Cheesecake (Php 160). It's like any other cheesecake except that EPIC's version is not too sweet on the crust. Texture is heavy and consistency is just right. Their toppings are light and tangy, I just hope they put in some more toppings for additional awesomeness. We also got their Banana Carrot Cake (Php 120) which does not look like one at all! It's a welcome break from all the usual cakes and it is light on the taste buds too. Lastly, we ordered their take on Classic Sans Rival (Php 120). It's not too sweet too! It's far from the usual oozing-with-butter type of Sans Rival. Theirs are the type which you can finish in one sitting without the umay factor.

Now, on to my MOST FAVORITE item among them all. Drum rolls please... it's their SEA SALT CARAMEL COFFEE! Geez! Tumaas ang standards ko in terms of Salted Caramel items after I tasted this! I think it's about Php 130 (pardon me, I forgot sa sobrang sarap). The sweetness and saltiness can be tasted distinctly. It's really a genius fusion! Now, my problem is I'm living in the south and EPIC is too far from where my home is. How can I get this coffee everyday? HOW?!!! :D

To check their cakes in pictures, read after the jump. 
They have Rainbow Cake, Rhum Cake and Truffle Cake among many others.
What can I say but, EPIC is just... well, EPIC! -CMK


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