Friday 14 March 2014


Marché Vivo City, located in Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination as well as the gateway to the vibrant Sentosa Island, offers distinctive European cuisines in an authentic Swiss backdrop. The 500-year-old chalet and the original Swiss ski gondola are both the "real thing", brought in straight from Switzerland (Source).

Everybody deserves a good food once in a while. On all of my travel hiatus, I look forward to FOOD TRIPS the most. It should not be necessarily lavish and fine-dine oriented, street setup would do - either way, the test of the pudding is in the eating! And oh boy, we ate our hearts out at Marché!

One cozy Saturday, we met one of my closest friends, Lynne who's currently based in Singapore. She was so kind to treat us a hearty, yummy meal below. The moment we met our words-per-second-chat went sky high. We talked about soooo many things, having said that - you have to pardon me if I didn't get the nitty gritty details of the food below. Anyways, feel free to take a peek!

At Marché, FRESH is the operative word! Being a first world country, I guess Singapore is keen to have their products fresh and on top quality. The toast, strawberry and mango tandem is a welcoming treat to our then-adjusting taste buds. The one with the cream cheese was my order! Don't be fooled, this hefty can fill your tummy to the brim. Interesting to know that their set order includes a glass of fresh juice AND coffee! We're joking that after 30 minutes or so - we need to find a rest room elsewhere ☺

The restaurant's setup is you can roam around and get the food of your choice, get your plate, enjoy and just pay at the exit area. It's a great place to have a warm chat over comfort food on a lazy weekend lunch time. Heads up though that the price is higher than usual compared to Food Republic (aka Food Court) around the mall. We all need to loosen up a bit, specially if you're traveling to relax and reconnect with the people who matters to you the most. Thanks Lynne! LOL on our pic with photo bomber(s) alert! -CMK


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