Wednesday 12 February 2014


Eating is one of life's greatest inventions, don't you agree?! ☺Last year, I chanced upon a Deal Grocer coupon for Market Cafe at Hyatt Hotel. I seldom eat at a buffet setting but since it's a great way to bond with your family members, I thought I'd get 4. The buffet boasts of different type of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western arrays. My tummy thanked me big time due to a feast of superb flavors.

Market Cafe costs Php 1,800 approximately, however, I bought each at a little over a Php 1,000. You have to call the hotel to reserve you and your guests' seat. They will confirm via phone right away. Here's a bunch of photos, try not to drool :)

I particularly loved their oysters and mussels. You can get a handful and ask the lovely chef to cook it for you. They have different cooking template to choose from, I opt for the sweet and sour ones. Another favorite is their tempura and teppanyaki. It's not extra-ordinary to tell you honestly, but I love that it's served fresh and tender.

They also have salad and breads and cheeses.  I haven't had the "tummy space" to try them, unfortunately.

 My top pick for this buffet is their dessert bar! Hansel and Gretel would be famished when they saw a wide selection of candies and chocolates. I purposely skipped a hefty amount of carbs just to reserve a space for these yummy sugar rushes!

It was Chinese New Year of 2014 when Jay and I visited. That explains the chants and different lucky fruits all around. They have different cold cuts too. I tried a slice of their ham and it was yummy.

That mango in a posh glass is superb. Along with the chocolate mousse on the side. The Cappuccino and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream can make anyone a kid again. ☺ The experience was fun. Jay and I had some serious talks about career, love, relationships and life in general. He's my one and only brother, by the way. 

As they say, LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E. I know for a fact that soon, Jay and I won't have the luxury of time to bond as we please, however, we're here to maximize the joy of being siblings while the universe allows us. Cheeseballs, I know! ☺-CMK


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