Thursday 30 January 2014


To smell good has always been my happy thought! Yes, I'll always be devoted to that citrus-y signature scent of Clinique Happy Heart but admittedly, I've fallen under a Victoria's Secret spell, a couple of weeks back. Funny thing was - I've sniffed this scented lotion a decade ago, and it's only now that I've truly appreciate it. Much to a point that I got one for myself. 

I love that VS released a travel sized lotion. For Php 300.00, you can slather all those 60 ml. lotion to your heart's content. The bigger size, costs Php 600 approx. I've got their best seller - hands down to LOVE SPELL. It is a hybrid of floral and vanilla notes, according to my olfactory nerves :D

First, let's make it clear that it smells OH-SO-GOOD! It's worth your money since it can serve as a perfume substitute {just in case you forgot one}. It's hydrating too. However, my favorite part of this purchase is the plastic container is so handy you can bring it wherever you wanna go!

The scent doesn't last that long. They have a whole body care line though, which consists of body wash, lotion and cologne. Not sure about you, but for me - that's too sweet for an everyday scent.

My kikay kit has a latest addition by the name of Victoria's Secret. I think it's going to be a main stay there. I'm eyeing the runner up best seller, Such a Flirt. They have funny and alluring names! Sweet! -CMK


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