Monday 2 December 2013


This year, I've been so blessed beyond words. So many new experiences, friends and undertakings have went well and I'm nearly lost for words whenever I recall each of them. Last 2011, when I started blogging - there's so many ifs and buts lurking in my mind - however, this 5-word chant kept my perspective in a good light: ONE DAY AT A TIME. And before I knew it, my this blog is now 2 years old and counting!

This is the year when I've experimented so much in terms of hairstyle and color. Not extreme, drastic change but subtle yet noticeable ones. L'oreal Professional Team invited me to try L'OREAL PROFESSIONEL'S INOA hair coloring system. And here's what I gotta say!

They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Translate it to hair products, I guess the judgment on how good a product is, is what your hair looks and feels like after the treatment. Their roster of serums and potions are of superior kind. It does not smell so strongly and GET THIS: I didn't feel any itch or irritation before, during and after the whole process. With L'oreal, you'd never feel short changed of what you avail for.

It is my FIRST TIME to get highlights on my hair. And boy, the whole process is a science by itself. On my previous posts (check it out HERE and HERE), you'll notice that my hair has a CLEAR BROWN color. This time around, we opted to tone down the color a little, in time for the FALL trend. 

I feel so flattered because when Anton (picture below) was blow drying my hair, another customer asked what's the color combination that they did on me and she wants the same service too! She even went out of her way and told me the color compliments my skin tone so well. Geee.... I was blushing at this point :)

So many firsts on this post. It is also my first time to get my hair done at Hair Works. I've tried so many parlors by this time and I'm happy to report that HAIR WORKS is one of the most client-friendly salons I've got into. The whole ambiance is so relaxed, minimalist setup all over, crowd is just right (not too many for you to enjoy your 'me-time') and sounds are on a minimum tone.

I'm glad to know that the employees at HairWorks are all friends. Some even stayed with the salon for 8 years! That speaks so much on how good the environment (and benefits) HairWorks has :) It's just across Greenbelt 5, so if you happen to be in the area, be sure to check them out (BSA Tower).

The moment I sat on the parlor chair, Borge (my hair stylist above) noticed how VOLUMINOUS my hair was. Funny thing is, I've already had my hair chopped off a few inches before that. My hair is wavy and fluffy to begin with - so add the perm effect, it really has a tendency to have a massive volume. 

To address this, he opted to cut my hair into layers. The original length will still be maintained but the volume will drastically decrease. After haircut, they applied brown highlights on about 40% of my hair (you'll see the foil flaps on my picture above). After which, they applied a Mahogany base on the remaining parts.

To ensure that my hair got all the nourishment that it needs after all the coloring and styling, I was given a POWER DOSE treatment. Think of it as an intensive hair vitamin. It smells soooo good and my hair felt uber soft after. Lastly, they styled my hair to enhance the remaining digi-permed bottom. That's how I got this curly-gal look above! 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, why don't you do something exciting for yourself? A haircut, hair color or highlights perhaps? BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. As Laida Magtalas said, "This is me VERSION 2.0!" -CMK


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