Friday 1 November 2013


Hey Guys! I know most of you are on vacation mode right now. Enjoy! ☺ Nothing much for today, just me sharing how my Halloween week has been. For me, halloween is an occassion that need to come by for us to officially welcome the Christimas season. That's it! I personally am not at all giddy about anything monstrous etc. So obviously, my activities have nothing to do with anything goosebump worthy, but nonetheless, consider this a sneak peek on what to expect in my future reviews.

1. The Lunchbox Diet
Lunchbox Diet provides calorie counted meals delivered right at your doorstep. Idea is to eat a managed diet calorie wise. I am road testing the packages for going 2 weeks now. And so far so good. Snap shot was taken last Wednesday. Opening the brown paper bag is an exciting ritual for me. What's happier? I lost some few pounds! Detailed review coming soon! (Update: Click HERE for review).

2. MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
I bought it last weekend. This is by far the most grand foundation I've ever used. I don't use powder foundation, so I'm a big fan of quality, liquid foundation. Being a MAC, it costs a few more buck, but as far as my skin is concerned, they are loving it big time! (Update: HERE is the review)

3. CMK Sweats Series
That was (the dilapidated) me after a circuit workout. I am on a mission not to post anything yet. I target to lose at least 10 pounds for me to say, it works for me. Currently, I am on my second month and I can see some improvements (though minimal). I am doing a circuit training twice a week (supposedly) plus a body balance every Saturday. With this plus the Lunchbox diet, I'm optimistic that I'll hit my target weight soon (so help me, Lord).

4. Krazy Garlik Bonding with the Girls
Nothing beats stress so powerfully other than having a massive laugh trip with your girl friends. Shopping included. I missed them super! So us having some sumptuous pasta and pizza is a well deserved feast to make up for our 6-month, no-see status. Krazy Garlik review, HERE.

5. Personal Finance and Admin Stuff
Well, you do what you got to do. Amazingly, I enjoy the things some frown over doing. And I think it's a gift. Haha! To love paper, calculator and writing gigs. It's about time to manage your personal finances and other things. Plus, I'm starting to prepare for my upcoming travels! Looking forward to a local trip to cap off 2013, then 3 out of country trips this 2014, if God wills. ☺ 
That's it for today. How's your week going? November na! -CMK.

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