Wednesday 2 October 2013


Do you want to wear this shirt? You bet I do! I want to retire young and travel the world! Before, I thought I can achieve this by:

♣ Working hard; and
♣ Saving my money in the bank. That's it.

Not until I realized that my 5-year old savings account earned a tiny 1% until now! But, what can I do? That's the only thing I know... saving in a bank!

Such a blessing that I've stumbled upon good reading materials and slowly, I delved into the world of investments. It's kinda big word for some, but trust me, it's not that intimidating :)

It was early this year that I've plotted some goals that I want to achieve. One of those is to earn a passive income (more HERE). Taking tiny steps, I read reviews about making good investments. Investing in Philippine Stock Market (PSEi) became a top priority. I've chosen the best online stock brokerage, by the name of COL Financial. How to open a COL account? Some steps HERE.

Among many other good points, I am magnetized on how the people behind the company put premium in financial literacy. They hold FREE seminars to equip you with basic know-hows. They made investing jargons somehow easy to understand. I always knew entrusting my investment money to them is a good move. 

If you're one of the many who quips:  
This is nice, but I'm too young to invest. Will worry about that some other time. 
That's okay. At the end of the day, it is you who'll decide. 
However, this young boy has something to share. Find out after the jump! 

I don't know about you but for me, if GOD wills,
I want to travel Europe and take lots of pictures and
 eat a lot and have a good time! I'll do that soon. 
Mean time, I'll invest. What's your financial goal? -CMK


  1. It would be boring to retire early and with nothing to do but travel. I would still work BUT not because I "have" to but because I "want" to.

    1. My sentiments exactly :-) Nice blog you have there!
      When you get back from abroad, I would be glad to meet you personally.

  2. I also want to travel and eat a lot. I believe everything are made to be enjoyed by people. It depends upon the person on how he can do it. I really like your money matters section. I really learned a lot. When you retire young you can dedicate your life to much more important things like family.

    1. Hi Babyni Rae - you won my CMK commenter of the month. Please send me your details (

    2. Thank you Ms. Kristine. :) Pm sent.

  3. Besides stock, what kinds of investments have you looked into? I have online businesses here and there, but I also need something that can build and grow my assets. For my future.

    1. I have invested in Mutual Funds and UITF too :) They are equally good, I must say. Feel free to click on Money Matters section for more details. Thanks for dropping by Bene.


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