Friday 13 September 2013


Moving forward with our second series of the recent Kuala Lumpur saga of yours truly, prepare for another 5 things to do today. Take a peek at Part 1 (HERE). 

Go Mall Hopping.
I don't know about your 'trips' in your trips but for me, scouring malls is a must do. It gives me a picture on how it is like to be a local in a foreign place. I get excited when it's past office / school hours and then people are starting to hit the mall with their friends or families. Of course I may not understand their native language, but the fact that people get together to catch up with each other's lives astounds me. Truly, LOVE is spelled as TIME. (insert mushy face here). ☺

Look at the first picture. Did you just notice?! There was a CONJURING digital movie poster there! We went at Berjaya Times Square where Longchamps, Gucci and other high end stores lurk around. We also visited Suriya mall before we took some pictures and rest for a while at one of their water parks.

Go Food Tripping!
Another travel-to-do staple! I love their char kuay teow! And it's so affordable, only Php 260 for a to share plate. This is a hotel rate, so expect a lower tag within malls or sidewalks. I loved their chicken satay too with a curry sauce on the side. Weird as it is, I ordered a Pad Thai and Green Mango Salad. It was SPICY! Ratio of water to food is 2 gulps of water per 1 teaspoon. How's that?!

Tip: It's more fun at KL's China Town! Haha. Prices are affordable and they have this wintermelon drink that is uber refreshing. Had I known that the drink tastes good, I should've ordered 2 cups. Another tip: Look for a NANDO's Chicken Restaurant. There's one at Berjaya and another across AnCasa Hotel. They're practically everywhere so you won't have a hard time looking for it. Their chicken, specially their dips, are mouth watering. Now I know why I gained a few more pounds after the trip. 0.0

Visit Batu Caves.
It is a steep 272-step climb up, which is both a Hindu temple and shrine. If you're in KL proper, you need to travel by train. First, you need to ride a metro going to KTM commuter (it's like Korail in Korea). I believe this transportation is for longer-than-usual travels (city to provinces).

The trip was hassle free. Fare was minimal too. Depending on the season, expect a humid weather. Lather sun screen if you must. Since this is a shrine, expect devotees (mostly Indians) paying respects to their gods. ALSO, monkeys and pigeons are all over the place. So, if they freak you out, you might want to reconsider. For me, the place served as a culture appreciation setting. There you'll see families praying on different temples.

Dine at KL's China Town.
This was one serendipity adventure for us. We were supposed to go to their flea market but for some reason, the place was wrapping up at around 8 pm. We walked a wee bit more and found this. Near the place was more hostels where westerns are fond of going.

Expect a fiesta kind of settings. Loud sounds, booze and laughter surround the place. It's quite an experience. This is where we spent only Php 120 for a complete dinner. Walk further and you'll see a Divisoria-like place where locals sell merchandise and pasalubong for less.

Ride an Aerobus.
We went from Manila to KL by plane and decided to take an aerobus from KL to Singapore. Price tag was Php 2,400 (round trip). Trip was more or less 6 hours including immigration procedures from both countries. In fairness, I enjoyed the journey here!

It's like riding a KLM airplane inside. They have sounds, reclining chairs, one full meal (whether lunch or dinner, depends on the time of day) and one light snack (hot drink and biscuits). In case you need to address nature's call, they have comfort room too. What I enjoyed most is their on-board entertainment. You can watch so many movies and MTV's while on the way. I watched the Funniest Video series and tried my best not to burst in laughter. Fun times. Pick up and drop off point is at Vivo City (Singapore) and Corus Hotel (Malaysia). 

I had a great time visiting Kuala Lumpur! Stay tuned for my Top Things to Do in Singapore soon! -CMK

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