Tuesday 10 September 2013


I've been plump for as far as I can recall, and over time, I've learned to embrace this bodacious structure. Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to do just that. 

However,  the question of being fit goes beyond the size of the dress one is wearing. It may mean your endurance and resistance to any disease. It may mean you're maintaining a positive attitude when stress comes in. Whatever that means, I am in a point in my life when I want to be fit, or fitter!

I've got to explicitly give credit to the Lord. (I believe) He allowed some untoward circumstances in my life that made that shocking push to go back to my dreams of working out. I don't know, it's just that one day, I feel so down and anxious, then a thought hit me! I need to be positively busy, and if I use the same energy to exercise instead of sulking, it will do me more good than harm!


Manage your expectations. When embarking to any new endeavor, be it investing or exercising, one has to manage her expectations. It's good to have goals, but be realistic about them. Know that the dream body of yours will come, but in due time... with your effort and discipline.

Do not drink coffee before the workout. Trust me, I've learned the hard way. There I was, exercising when I felt the dire need to throw up. Geez. Embarrassing Moment #121! My coach told me that caffeine makes you palpitate and dehydrates you. Now, I know.

Keep a food diary for at least 3 days. Coach asked me to list all my food intake in these days: Workout Day, Non-workout Day, Weekend. List all the food and drinks. And their respective serving size. That's it. You don't have to do this everyday if you find it tiring. I think the point is, we need to be aware on what (food) goes into our body.

Expect body pains. If you've been idle for the past 5 months like me, expect a post-hazing body pain. I'm kidding ☺Don't let that scare you! Seriously, you'll experience some soreness because the muscles that were sleeping for so long were put into good use. It's a wake up call to your lazy fat-scles, if you like!

Know that it's a lifestyle. You don't do this today and come back next month. It's pretty much like eating. Exercising should be part of who you are. It requires a HUGE amount of EFFORT yes, but I'm sure you'll reap the benefits in time. It would be a great help if your workout (gym, yoga, biking, etc) fits in to your schedule. Like, if your schedule is mid-shift, you do your thing in the morning, etc.

GUYS! I have so much to learn on this side of the world. Honestly, this is so NOT me. I hate walking, I'm afraid of the sun, I can be high-maintenance (sometimes). But I've realized that I need to go out of my comfort zones since:

♣ Exercise controls weight. (I love that!)
♣ Exercise combats health conditions and diseases (Hospital means boredom)
♣ Exercise improves mood (Goodbye stress and irate attitude)
♣  Exercise boosts energy (Mas happy!)
♣ Exercise promotes better sleep (Not to mention it's good for the skin)
♣ Exercise can widen your social circle (Hello, stranger!)
♣ Exercise can be fun (Feeling after the workout, PRICELESS!)

I'll be chronicling my fitness journey here. Like you, I don't know what will happen down the line. Will I keep up? Will my determination meter wane? Whatevs. All I know is ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE! -CMK


  1. *automatically show this to my sister* :) She's planning on losing weight and sweat and she doesnt know how to start! Very helpful indeed :)


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