Friday 30 August 2013


We need to eat healthy food to be mentally sane! That's what the words from Good Housekeeping magazine meant to me (see above). I am not sure about you but it took me a long while to appreciate fresh food as opposed to quick, instant ones. I'm glad I did.

This season is 2013's last month without the -BER on. Time flies so fast, I know! And it passing makes me nervous, excited and comfortable all at the same time. What's this season got to do with healthy eating? Well, CHRISTMAS season (read: more get together line-ups) are fast approaching and we need to be conscious on what we're gulping before our waistlines tell us so. With this, a round of applause to our:

(plus my quick thoughts about them)

Twas my first time to try the salad at CBTL. Ever my favorite coffee hub, I embarked on a journey to at least taste test their teas and salads. I got the coupon from my Belle de Jour planner (click HERE). I only paid for the salad, iced tea was free.

It was served cold with the spiral noodles on. There were chunks of chicken plus cucumber and sayote (not so sure). Lettuces were the majority. Here's the deal breaker: I once thought the pinkish sprinkles were pomelo (suha) shreds, only to find out it was RAW ONION! Harrummmph! I ended up nitpicking the whole plate.

Salad alone was Php 175. I love CBTL but I won't be ordering this salad anytime soon. I find it too pricey plus the onion incident made me stick my tongue out whenever I recall munching some of those >:)

Regular Php 79. Family Php 255. This was by far, the most affordable fine dining salad I've ever tasted. I've been a fan of this salad since 2008 and I'm happy to divulge that this is one of the first salad I've eaten (I don't eat anything leafy before).

They have crisp romaine lettuce, bacon crumble, parmesan cheese, and herbed croutons tossed in our caesar dressing. I love their dressing. Picture above was a family bowl (good for 4). If you're on a diet, this can keep you going for a day (or half, depends on your appetite). You can also request to take out what's left and ask the lovely waitress fro a second helping of dressing. After eating these, you'll be full, guaranteed! Bonus: You won't find yourself craving for junk food after.

Php 100+ for a grande cup. This is a comforting herbal blend of chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, spearmint, lemongrass, rose petals, blackberry leaves, peppermint, sarsaparilla, lemon balm, licorice root, and natural flavors. This blend is a light, soothing beverage with the sweet, floral taste of chamomile and a smooth finish.

Another first! I opted to try a non-caffeinated tea since it was already 9 pm-ish when we decided to go for Starbucks. Set your expectations right, it's a tea and it tastes like one. Barrista handed me 2 packs of honey for sweetener.

What I loved most was the AFTER-EFFECT! I released all the oil and toxins I've consumed the entire day! Released via nature's call, if you know what I mean. Very refreshing inside and out. I noticed that I've slept more soundly that night.

Php 245. I've written a separate review about the whole restaurant HERE. This time, it's really pomelo and not onion. I find the serving a bit small for its price, though. Overall, this sort of cleanse and readi-fy your palate for more Vietnamese cuisine to come. Thumbs up for an appetizer but this alone won't make you last the entire day, or at least in my tummy's case. :))

I've been a fan of Mary Grace since last year. In fact, most of my lunches happen there in between classes. I find the place so cozy and relaxing. I've decided to try their Caesar salad since my friends highly recommend it. Tab is Php 270+. You might say it's overpriced and I can't argue with that. However, the plate has so much in it. You can request that they serve the half dine-in and half would be to-go. That's possible!

If you're into one of those "I'm-so-starting-my-diet-now!" days, this is a soft start for you. You wouldn't feel deprived at all! To check out the full taste-meter, click HERE.

Php 420+. To share. For a salad. I'm serious! Before you judge, you need to try it first. This is my favorite of them all, however, since Burgoo is rare, I'm settling on its competitors. That plus the price factor. A major comfort food with no guilt aftermath! Their shrimps and squids are so delicious. Can I just say, it's as good as taking a full lunch (with your green leafy veggies)? Click HERE for my detailed review.

Hope you got your eyes (and tummy) full after reading this post. Life is too short. Eat, drink and be merry! -CMK.



  1. I just hope I'm not late. Sorry Ms. K for not visiting the past month, we've been affected by Typhoon Maring here in Batangas and we just have recovered. Medyo nawawalan ng net connection, and yun pong mas matagal, 1 week. Can you just picture how depressed I was? :( Anyhow, I'll try po na makabawi. :D Have a great week po :D

    1. Hi Myx! I hope you're better now. Welcome to the blog world :) We missed you ^.^

    2. Aw. That's so sweet of you Miss K. Thank you. :D <3

      Anyways, I smirked upon reading those pomelo shreds which were onions pala. That's irritating po kapag napahalo na yung ayaw mong kainin dun sa whole meal, talagang tyagaan ang pagkain. :/

      Fun Fact: Never tried eating at Pizza Hut po :P As in ever. hihi

      And kahit talagang nakakatakam yugn seafood supreme, apparently, I can;t or will I say, I will never have a chance to try it. :/ Kahit anong try ko po kasing kumain ng shrimp, hindi pa din ako nai-immune :(

  2. Oh myyyy. Spicy chicken pasta alad made me hungry after reading this post! love that you post important topics like this. And this blog has so many informaive posts when it comes to beauty, financial, health,etc. :) keep it up! :)


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