Friday 2 August 2013


If there's any people on whom I had worked with till 4 am in the morning, they are these people! I've began my career with SGV & Co emphasis: "not-so-long-ago". That was my first job. And they are my first office friends! We've been through highs and lows and even if we seldom meet these days, it was such a breeze of fresh air one Saturday afternoon when we reconnected once more! There's one missing person on the loop. Hi Glenda! Click HERE to see her :)

We craved for something Vietnamese, and so we got what we wanted! Details:
Where: LA PETITE CAMILLE (Greenbelt 5 branch)
Budget: Php 1,600 to P1,800 good for 4 pax

Pomelo Salad
Salad is mighty refreshing! Pomelo (suha) takes the center stage. Romaine lettuces are served fresh and while the salad is not as busy as compared to other greens, this makes a great appetizer.

Pho Soup
Healthy is the word. I'm moving away from fried food as much as I can and this is a welcome alternative! I particularly like the noodle's texture. Coupled with a hint of chili and hot soup. This is it. Done! Slurp! Side Note: The pleasant waitress was kind enough to divide the soup into 4. Best to consume while steaming hot. Chili and soy sauce are served but if you're not into spicy entrees the condiments as is will suffice.

Pad Thai
My favorite! I am in two minds which is better. Soi's (then Oody's) version or this one. They taste superb. Pasta is al dente. Veggies are crunchy. If you want the whole dish to be sweet, mix the grounded peanuts all over.

Sweet and Sour Cutler Fish
Another must-try. The sauce and leafy vegetables compliment well with the fish. I find the fish a bit bland though. I paired this number with Pad Thai above (a good rice alternative, in fairness).

Ever heard of Vietnamese Jell-o?

 Vietnamese Jell-o 
There goes the dessert. It looks big in picture but it's just a size of a min-plate. I think it's overpriced due to it being Php 110 a cup. I love the coffee jelly in the middle though. If it's half the price, I might have requested for a second serving, really. 

After that ultra-yummy lunch, we watched White House Down. And Channing all over your Tatum is ever so gorgeous of course! :) Overall, I've enjoyed our bonding time that weekend. We talked just about everything under the sun. To the point na paos na ko when I went home :D

If you think they're serious... four words for you... 
What's your typical bonding time with your friends? 
Tell me more about it (in the comments section)! -CMK



  1. The vietnamese jell-o looks soooo yummy! :) of course all the food. :) and it's so affordable. for 4 persons? Nice :) love he ambiance of the place. perfect for lunch outs and dinner outs with friends :)

  2. Yey! Salad! :D I wonder how refreshing that pomelo in a salad is Miss k :D Never ever tasted such. Yet other dishes aren't new to me, we use to prepare different cuisine in our school before :)

    I just doubt about the Restaurant's name, La Petite isn't Vietnamese word, it's Spanish right? :O


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