Tuesday 9 July 2013


You've heard it said that make-up is not supposed to cover the real you. Instead, it's meant to highlight your assets, features that are already there. Some unfortunately perceive make-up as vanity when in fact, at some point it's a bare necessity. 

Case in point: Job interviewers are keen to see how you present yourself as a professionally made-up candidate, and that includes the way you apply makeup tastefully. Product for today is something that even students or first time job-hunters can buy. It's from a brand who was a pioneer in Korean make-up sensation. 

Etude House Styling Eyeliner in Black
Available at: Etude House Booths and Botiques
Bought mine at: SM Makati
Type: Pencil, Cream Type
Price: Php 130 (approx)

☺Price. For stating the obvious. It has a fair shelf life too. 
For a little more than a hundred, you'll get your eyelid covered ;)
☺Compact. It's a retractable type of eyeliner, 
making it easier to twist and turn.
☺Safe to Use. Now that there's a buzz on Japan's Kanebo 
doing recalls on its cosmetics over skin stain fears
it's best to be cautious on what products to use, ladies.

Here's a swatch, if you may:

☻Smudge Galore. I'll be brutally honest here, the product is prone to smudging! 
It's best to apply an eye primer to prolong its pear black effect. 
It's a major turn-off specially if you're using it as an eyelid filler :(
☻Ease of Use - Not. I don't have a master hand in terms
 of eyeliner application, making my experience a bit more difficult 
when the powder particles are starting to fall!

If affordability is a major factor for you, plus the fact that you're a pro 
in eyeliner application, this can close the deal. Otherwise, road test 
another product that will give you a bang for your buck. 
As for me, this is a classic example of a purchase that is affordable, 
and that's it. Beware of impulse buying, bellas. Learn from yours truly.

To balance things out, product can be a wonder when 
used with an eye primer. Also, I'm a heavy user of Etude 
House products (take this Make-Up Review HERE, and 
Blackhead Remover Review HERE, for instance).
 It's just that some product types work for you, while others don't. -CMK



  1. We had something like this from Avon. But I think gel and liquid liners are my peg. Kahit mahirap iapply, they got the shiny black color that I really want.

    I guess it's better than other penliners like elf which lasted for about 5 applications only. :(

    I really wanna try Etude House products, nagpabili po ako sa Alabang kaso wala pa yung Ate kong pinagpabili ko, excited pa naman ako, yung brow pencil and make up remover po yung pinabili ko eh :D

  2. You should try thei easy brows! Perfect!! Love your review! So helpful

  3. I love the eyeliner. I don't do well with liquid because I keep on smudging it. And I agree, makeup really helps in flaunting the assets on the face. For me, I love eyeliners because of my small eyes. I love making them look bigger. :)

    1. in reverse, I use liquid eye liners to make my eyes look smaller :D Mehehe, it does all the tricks, and I'm hooked to it! :)


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