Thursday 25 July 2013


"The thing about first impression is you only have about 2 seconds to make it. Right when you walk through the door, judgment is already formed." This is not exclusively applicable in job interviews but in our day to day interactions too. Accept it or not, the world is our runway.

Being presentable sends a signal to the people around you that you know how to take good care of yourself. You cannot give what you don't have, remember? And so, if you're doing a good job in being excellent physically, chances are, you can also take care of other matters at hand. 

A big chunk of being presentable is dressing up. Some are my tips in choosing the right wardrobe:

♣ KNOW your body type. I'd say this is the first thing to consider. Sure, your friend looks uh-uh-amazing in that haltered top but girl, if you're top heavy (think brooooad shoulders), donning the same ensemble is a disastrous not an altogether good idea.

You might say, "well it's how you feel  about it. Ditch the norm." That's possible too. Nothing wrong with that. However, it would be nice to maximize your assets and cover your liabilities nicely.

If you're top heavy like yours truly (broad shoulders, larger than usual arms):

Stay away from bare-shouldered tops. In the event that you really want the top, make sure the collar cut is V-neck. This will create a longer neck illusion and draw the attention away from your arms.

Avoid tucking in if you have quite a big tummy.

Make printed tops your best friend. Balance it out by wearing a plain bottom.

To respect proportion, you can wear dresses or skirt if you're comfortable.

Opt for 3/4 or sleeved dresses and tops. More tips! tips! tips!

Choose to buy in quality rather than in quantities. What benefit do you get from a cheap looking blazer that loses its form right after its first wash? Sad. Remedy? Save a bit and invest in a quality blazer, little black dress, top or just about anything that you need. 

You can mix and match later. We can opt to buy trendy clothes once in a while and if you do, pair them with a good top or bottom. There's no clear cut standard on quality. In fact, quality is relative. However, as true-blue fashion lovers, we know what this means, and I hear you say: "I know, right!"
♣ WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MINDSET! {Insert POUTING LIPS here} Your friend called for a (short notice) night out. Or, for some strange hormonal reason, you just LOVE this adorable Fuschia Sleeveless Romper. If that's the case, heck! forget the rules and enjoy strutting on your runway! This won't be handy on job interviews though. Hah!

♣ EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. Sure, we have rules and all but at the end of the day, we must learn this 3 words: LOVE YOUR BODeeeeY!

Loving means feeling beautiful even with your flaws in place. Play with colors, lengths, styles. Contrary to what social media glorifies, perfect body does NOT exist. 

What's perfect is this: Knowing the imperfect about you but loving (and improving) it anyway! Here's a quote that's not politically correct but got me laughing hard. Agree? PAK! -CMK 


  1. Love it! I have broad shoulder. And i really dont wear something that i think not bagay for me.. I have big arms and i try not to show so much flesh .. Not because im fat but in our country.. Daming nega sa kanto! Ahha! Though i know i should not listen to them.. But nakakainis. Heheh! So i always buy blazer or cardigans

    1. Hi Czes. I agree on the nega peeps portion. Maybe we can give them a poster that says:

      "If you can't be kind, please be quiet." :D

    2. Hahhaha! Nice idea! Or keep calm and shut up. Hahha!

    3. count me in Ate Czes! :/ sadly I got broad shoulder too, and big arms, and I just love how long sleeved tops hid my imperfections. :)

  2. So true. We should always work around our best sides but it's also great to not mind what other people think about our imperfections :)

  3. They always tell me na in a glimpse (when shopping), alam mo na kaagad kung alin ang gusto mo. :) And I make sure na bagay po talaga saken yung damit :)

    Thanks for this tips Miss K! :D I'm not really familiar with the illusion a V-neck top can do.

  4. I like it when you said that the world is our runway. Well, it is! Some might not afford to buy expensive clothes but still there are clothes that has the best quality in an affordable price. You just got to have the patience to look around and find it. :)


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