Thursday 6 June 2013


Different people have different likes. Some want lipsticks, others mountain climbing, a few adores perfumes and so on. Like what I've shared before, I once thought brown colored hair is unfitting for a girl - well... myth busted! Now I know what is meant by the words "what goes inside is more important than what shows outside". Click HERE as I pour my heart out on this altogether different buzz.

Moving on, it was October 2012 when I last painted my hair brown. Not me, technically, it's Bench Fix Salon as always. HERE's my first-hand experience. Come May 2013, you can just imagine how the black roots are showing up. It pretty much looks like an ombre style as the black roots fades into brown tips. News got to me that the Glorietta branch that time was closed for renovation. I called and this is it! I'll now road test BENCH FIX SALON Greenbelt (First Aid) Branch for the first time!

I arrived 10 am-ish. It's best to arrive early on because chances are no crowd yet and the stylists are in a zen-like clean state, which translates to quality service, no less. The place looks clean and fresh. Whites, beiges and ecrus surround the area. This is the reason why I opt to have my locks colored, the process is a therapy by itself.

Services Availed: Hair Color (Loreal, Majilift), Eyebrow Low-lights, Eyebrow Threading
Total Cost: Php 1,650 for Hair Color, Eyebrow Low-lights (free) and Php 150 for Threading
Branch: BENCH FIX SALON GREENBELT 3 (just above CBTL, across APPLE Store)


♣ QUALITY SERVICE AND MATERIALS. My mom used to call this materiales-fuertes in everyday lingo. I'm happy that I have a salon that I can trust. Like, I just show up there, let them do their own thing and pay, of course! ☺I am not sure about the others, but I didn't experience any harsh sensation on my scalp. Their products are kind to me, happy!

♣ NO PERSUASIVE UPSELLING. You see, it's a common practice for stylists to introduce a product to you. Whether additional services, hair masks, whatever. Bench Fix is no exemption, but what I like is they only brought it up once and when you kindly say 'next-time' with a smile, they politely rest their case. It's a noteworthy kudos, really.

♣ OVERALL AMBIANCE. Looking through their blank walls clears up my thoughts. I skimmed a few magazines but I ended up just staring blankly. Realizing that the art-of-doing-nothing has its own share of wonders indeed. Like what they have in Beauty Brick, they have a lyric-less music. Perfect for meditation (aka sleeping). Hehe >:)

♣ SENIOR STYLIST AND ASSISTANT. This you have to forgive me. I forgot (again, IKR) their names, but I remember their faces. They are nice and accommodating. The assistant in the picture, carefully listened to my hair woes, etc. We also exchanged some tips and tricks about the topic close to our hearts... BEAUTY! 

See my hair transformation from ombre to clear brown locks!


♣ DIGI-PERM FRIENDLY BLOWERS. I think this would be
 handy for clients with digi-permed hair. Add to the fact 
that mine was sort of dilapidated, using traditional 
blowers is time-consuming.

I am happy with the whole experience. 
Right, it costs some money but I guess everyone 
needs an outlet once in a while. Will definitely be coming back. ☺ -CMK



  1. Christine Mae Castillo10 June 2013 at 03:20

    wow iloveit! :))) anyway i just had my facial at slimmers last friday thanks again! people there kept saying you're nice and friendly

  2. love the hair and your lipstick! :)

  3. I agree with you. You can enjoy their wide range of services in a cozy environment!! :)

  4. hi! what's the exact color that you availed? it looks very light but it isn't bleached, right?

    1. Hello Kimii! :) It's clear brown. But note though that I've had my hair colored with the same shade before. Maybe that's why it's lighter than the usual shade.

  5. Hi, I am thinking about having Brazilian Blowout from them. Do they offer that kind of service?

    1. Hmm, on top of my head - yes they have that on their list! :)


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