Tuesday 14 May 2013


Hey there, Beautiful! And I am talking to YOU! How's your election day yesterday?! I'm pretty sure your right index finger has a purple polish that will stay there for another day or two! ☺

Last week, it feels like Christmas though we're still on a summer month. I got a package from Saladbox. Yay! Here's a quick roll call of what's in for this month's Nature Beauty Box!

Goodie #1: Feel Good Therapeutics Hot/Cold Compress
Goodie #2: Vivid Essentials 24K Soft Mask
Goodie #3: Vivid Essentials Collagen Crystal Soft Mask
Goodie #4: Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening Soap (Review HERE)
Goodie #5: Liole Triple the Solution BB Cream

You can also enjoy this loot each month.
Feel free to visit THE SALADBOX WEBSITE.

Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews.
I'm specifically curious on goodies #1 and #2.
What's your newest beauty ritual? -CMK


  1. Wow.... What does the collagen crystal mask do?:)

  2. I love #3! According to the net & other dermatologist, collagen is great for the skin!


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