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Think of a holding company as an umbrella. A holding company is a company or firm that owns other companies' outstanding stock. It is a company which does not produce goods or services itself; rather, its purpose is to own shares of other companies. Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies. Source: HERE.

As with all things, there are 2 sides of a coin. What's the upside of holding companies?
Owning a share of stock from holding companies give you instant diversification! We're all for putting our eggs on different baskets, right? By doing this, we are covering not only one business but a whole bunch of industry in one go. We'll check what's my TOP 3 Favorite Holding Companies later.

What's the consequence of acquiring them?
One major thing to consider is their price. Generally, holding companies have the highest price compared to their daughter corporations (obviously). One share is material for most Juan and Marias that's why if you'll notice - most stock recommendations do not include these 'big boys'.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that these stocks will definitely surge upward. Consider this as purely an FYI tool. You can always do your due diligence and research, as necessary. Having said that, let's go and check:


 Who's not familiar with Greenbelt and Glorietta? ☺ Seriously, this corporation holds a lot more than that. Significant subsidiaries of AC as of December 31, 2010 are Ayala Land, Inc., IntegratedMicro Electronics, Inc., and Manila Water Company, Inc., while its associates include GlobeTelecom, Inc., and Bank of the Philippine Islands. (Source: COL Financial). 


GT Capital Holdings owns 80% of Federal Land, Inc. (Fed Land) and has significant shareholdings in Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (MBTC), Toyota Motor Philippines, Inc. (Toyota) and Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corp. (Phil AXA). (Source: COL Financial).
Another familiar logo, right? Yes, this includes Mall of Asia and all other malls.  SM Investments Corporation (SM) is the holdingcompany of the SM Group of Companies. SM is engaged in five core businesses through its subsidiaries: shopping mall development (SM Prime Holdings, Inc.), retail merchandising, financial services (BDO and China Bank) , real estate development and tourism (SM Land, Inc., SMDC,), and hotels and convention.? (Source: COL Financial).

If you're a long term investor - I suggest that you revisit these stock picks. 
What's nice to know is that stock market
 investing is a day by day learning process. 
Before I close this blog post, 
allow me to share with you this 4-word quote. 

Nuff said. -CMK

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