Monday 27 May 2013


Trivia: Do you know that banks have 200 hack attempts a day? Good news is banks have the most security check in place amongst online sites. The title is rather ambitious. I don't think that someone can hack-proof your online data 100%. Those dot-dot-dot passwords can be hacked by millions of attempts. This, unfortunately, is one of the downsides of  technology. That's the truth.

We marvel how cool we are paying our bills while on the mall, buying stocks while having a spa - but risks are always there. In our quest to secure our minds a bit, here are some tips. Know that this is not exclusive to bank accounts. You can use these tips on your online stock site, travel payment sites, e-mail and other social media platforms too.


1. Bookmark your sites. Be it bank or other finance sites, do not click on the link from the e-mail. Access the website independently and bookmark it. This mitigates the risk of your data to be phished (or fished, or whatever).

2. Never give away your passwords. Sounds too basic but most people are still not informed of this FACT: Banks would never ask for your password be it via phone or email. So if you get asked by someone claiming he's from this bank - just drop the call stat!

3. Mind your pictures. Make sure that when you make a snap shot of your screen, no sensitive information are exposed. Specially on the last 3 digits of your credit card! Geez. Do you know that when somebody get your whole credit card number and the last 3 digits at the back of the card --- they can purchase online at your expense? Goosebumps!

4. Look for the "S" on their HTTPS. Secured sites have this additional letter. Check your finance sites and make sure it is a secured site. Many people are so relaxed thinking they're not billionaire so why bother to go through all these security stuff, hey, majority of hackers target middle classes because they know that you know but you don't bother to act based on what you know. You know? ☺

5. Always Log out. Bow. Most of us, specially on our mobile phones, are too lazy to click on the log out button. Good thing that there's an automatic inactive log-out session for most of these sites. You choose, you log out or they log out {your money from your account}?

The thought of my bank account getting hacked gives me shivers. Worst, some people think hacking is such a cool job (if this is a job at all). They thought they are Keanu Reeves on some Matrix movies. Oh my! Hacking, like killing and stealing, is a crime.  I just hope hackers won't drag their families and loved ones when it's their turn to be "hacked" by this thing called "Karma." -CMK  



  1. :O "S" matters pala! thanks for the info Miss K.

    I have a paypal account and I'm too lazy to log it out after checking/spending finances (yes it auto-logged out,, so I don't bother), yet I'm using our own pc, is it still that risky if I left it logged in?

    1. Suggest that you log out to be 100% sure :) And yep. S matters. You're welcome Lady :)

  2. i will definitely share this to my mother and friends. thanks for the info :)


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