Friday 5 April 2013


My favorite beauty product to date! 
It's the apple of my eye for reasons more than one but the most compelling reason is that it took me 3 months to contemplate before I finally gave in and purchased this chick. As much as I like makeups, I'm not in a habit of purchasing any product "just because" and it's not an easy task, (promise), but you have to have your priorities. 

My eyes got glued on this some time (December) last year when me and my friend rummaged Beauty Bar Greenbelt, yet, I was in 2 minds back then. Why? One, I thought primers are only for makeup professionals and two, weather is too kind for makeup's staying power so why bother?

This changed when Manila's sunshine peaked at 34 degrees but feels like 38 (based on the weather forecast). I refuse to be called vain but logically, how can any makeup sit on your face with THAT heat?! :D

Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer
Price: Php 685.00 Size: 20 ml
Available at: Beauty Bar 
(got mine from Robinsons Manila)
Shelf life: 1 year

☺It's matte! Matte itself means 'without shine' and
 this is by far one of the greatest beauty invention ever made!
☺Value for money. For only Php 57 a month, you'll have a 
shine-free, magazine-worthy complexion. Beat that!
☺Summer Essential. I've used this product for quite some 
time now and it feels like there's a shield that prolongs my
 matte foundation even under the sunshiny ambiance!
☺Light-feel. Last thing I want is to pile layer upon layer of 
makeup on my skin, so this being super lightweight 
made me smile from ear to ear.
☺Primers also prevent direct absorption of makeups onto our pores.

☻Though I'm ecstatic about the whole experience, 
I still think the price might be an issue for some bellas. 
You might want to try other primers but bear in mind that a 
specific product is pricey for a reason.
☻Remember, moisturizer first, then primer, then matte foundation 
(or its equivalent, in your case). Allow 3-5 mins before applying 
one after the other. I tend to be impatient one time and 
I ended up with cake-y complexion. 

Picture was taken under normal lighting, after basking on sunshine 
(at 34 degrees one Sunday afternoon - no joke!) 
Notice my t-zone isn't that shiny. Lurve it!

I'm a primer believer! :D Are you? :) -CMK


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  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'd love to try this one but I don't think I can buy this one now! :( I just bought a new make up set from Etude and luckily won a fab kit from Collection ph. My boyfriend will kill me if I buy this one. He wouldn't understand why I still have to buy when I got plenty. Haha! Though I haven't used any primer yet.. Same thought as yours that they are only for professionals. Hehe. But I'm excited lay my hands and try this one soon! Good review ♥☺♥


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