Thursday 25 April 2013


I've been invited at YABU's Private Tasting Event a couple of weeks back. 
I got an e-mail from the YABU team and instantly got curious 
what does KABUKICHO mean! It's a gangsterish place. 
A red light district Google adds. Hmm... 
Since I am living somewhere south, the venue, 
SM Southmall is relatively near my place. So PUSH!

The rest of this post is a gastronomical feast to the eyes!
I've heard that not all of these yummies will be served as a 
part of their regular menu just yet, but who knows? 
Give it a month or two - this will probably grace YABU's delectable menu.

First, the appetizers. I particularly love the texture of their maki.
Sticky rice is not overcooked. Proportion? Just right.

Then there's a MINI YABU SPECIAL that is not mini to the tummy after all!
It is so FULL-filling, I tell you! Package below consists of shrimp, fish and squid.
I can't recall if there's an oyster (talaba) though theirs are safe and yummy.
You can revisit my latest YABU review HERE.
I don't eat anything with mayonnaise but this is a crazy exemption.
There's something about their dressing and I don't feel it's mayo after all.

Afterwards, they served their version of mini-shrimp burger.
My favorite part of the burger is the 'crunch'. 
I'm not a chef (but I love eating!) and being an 
elementary on culinary stuff, getting the perfect 
crunch will remain a mystery to me.

Kushi Menchi Katsu. There goes the crowd's favorite. 
It's a ground pork with cheese on every bite. 
I personally liked the shrimp burger better but 
I heard all the oohs and aahs from the visitors when 
they took a bite of this entry. With this alone? You're already solved!

 Now, let's get to YABU's special drinks for the night!
The 2nd from the right is what they called KITTY FIZZ, 
a mixture of Passion fruit, Cranberry, Ginger syrup, 
Shochu and Ale (don't ask me about the last two please HA!)

One that came with a jar-like glass was another crowd favorite. 
It's called EDEN'S DEN. It's Mango Juice, Shochu, Yuzu Syrup and Black Tea. 
It's my favorite too. Both drinks tastes like there's a
 hint of alcohol in them but like the mayo effect, 
it doesn't taste like anything overpowering.

The event was hosted (and co-created) by Erwan Heussaff and his team.
I saw lots of models and celebrities too. For one, I got starstruck by Anne Curtis.
There's also Jasmine Curtis, Champ Lui Pio and their close friends and family members.

Oh, in case you haven't already heard,  YABU has just launched an app, 
aptly named Katsu Craze! :)  They're currently holding an 
iPhone5 giveaway to celebrate this new milestone for Yabu.
To cap all these yummy food pics, feel free to watch the vide below.

Hands down, YABU is such a fine dining Japanese experience.
If you're curious as to what does this mean, go rush to the nearest YABU near you.
I've tried their MOA, Megamall and Southmall branches. -CMK



  1. Is this a Japanese Restaurant?:) we serve the fried temoura at out restaurant too, kakiage is it? I forgot what its called but i used to order it all the time and ask for mayo for my dip :)

    1. Yes it is :D In Yabu they call it Japanese Dressing. It is REALLY GOOD! :D

  2. it looks like the food tastes so good!! :D

  3. Yabu is a great resto!! I've been here once and I love to go again :) (really hoping to win your giveaway so I can go back again hehehe)

  4. Been there once. And i can say.. Ang lambot ng tonkatsu nila! :))


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