Wednesday 6 March 2013


I got my first Bo Sanchez book 3 years ago, I think. Never did I expect that the financial literacy I've been searching for so many years are to be found on this book. I recall someone close to me asked: "Why are you reading the book? Isn't he supposed to be a spiritual preacher?"

And I answered asked back in 2 words: WHY NOT? 

It's the age where preachers and spiritual leaders are earning much like any white-collar workers do, so WHY NOT? It does not follow that if someone is godly, he should be poor. So WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE BOOK?

For me, financial literacy, way back, is you get a good paying job, give your tithes, help others and save a portion in the bank. Simple! After reading this book, I've been awakened by the fact that the money I have in the bank has so much POTENTIAL. That small amounts of money plus the passage of time can be a powerful tool for anyone (including Bo's maids) to be rich.

AUTHOR: Bo Sanchez
PUBLISHER: Shepherds Voice
PRICE: Php 350.00

Secret 1: Be Totally Responsible for Your Success
Secret 2: Enlarge Your Psychological Wallet
Secret 3: Get rid of Crazy Religious Belief
Secret 4: Be Completely Committed to Your Dreams
Secret 5: Raise Your Financial IQ
Secret 6: Ride Something to Wealth
Secret 7: Have a Bias for Action
Secret 8: Win in all areas

I've realized so many things after reading the book. One thing I like about Bo is his writing style. It's simple and very understandable. While I adore writers with profound techniques, seeing easy to digest vocabulary in an otherwise complex topic (Finance) is like a breath of fresh air. Each so called 'secret' was elaborated using everyday words. His ideas were put across in a clear (and sometimes funny) manner.

They say one way to become great is to look at the life of the 'greats'. Similarly, Bo shared the life of some once-poor-who-persevered-and-now-is-wealthy success stories that we can very well relate. Among others are the owners of National Bookstore (Nanay Socorro) and Julie's Bakeshop. Book also emphasized that while there are uncertain factors in business, the failure of NOT TRYING is the worst of them all.

If you think that this book is more of spiritual rather than financial, you're wrong. Bo Sanchez have acquired a huge chunk of information from his mentors, and they're big business tycoons mind you! It's also one of the reasons why I think this book is valid and relevant in terms of financial literacy.

Overall, this is a book for those whose still contemplating to try dip their feet on {Philippines} stock market (or other entrepreneurial grounds, for that matter). Each page made me smile and think hard. While it provides a disclaimer that there's nothing sure in every business, I've discovered this formula: TIME + Little Investments = Richer You. I have surrendered to the fact that there will always be negatrons (people oozing with negative vibes) along the way, but I have decided to not LET them bother me. As long as you conduct your due diligence (sosyal na term but it's more of masigasig na research) before plunging in any unfamiliar ground, you'll be F-I-N-E. See you at the top! -CMK


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