Wednesday 6 February 2013


Yes, saving money is beautiful!

This idea has been marinating in my brain for quite some time now. One event lead to another and I thank God that He causes things to happen. It's only the start of 2013 and I am inspired by so many things, really! I rarely announce blog series launches. CMK Eats (food reviews), CMK Reads (book reviews), Fashion Alerts, Scribbled Notes (about Godly inspirations, Life Reflections), etc. You'll just see them popping, but this time around, I intend to make a short introduction on why I'm doing the series.

Disclaimer: Lest I be misunderstood, please note that this is my personal take on things. If you have another point of view, rest assured that I respect that wholeheartedly. ☺

♣ Most bloggers encourage readers to spend, only rare ones inspire to save. ♣
Whether a post is sponsored or not, there's a common theme for most blog reviews - SPEND. Buy this lipstick, go to this resort, travel on this country and the list goes on. I am not saying that this is wrong altogether - in fact, most informed young professionals rely heavily on blog reviews before they eat/go/read/watch a particular product or service. Deal breaker is your answer to this question: Do you have money to splurge in the first place? And I don't mean your credit card. ☺.

♣ Make Personal Finance Chit-Chats Simpler (and pang-normal na tao) ♣ 
Understand that 'interesting topics' are relative. Most girls (me included!) go giggly over makeup swatches, fashion pegs etc, well - we can't expect the same reaction from guys. My point? What's interesting for one may not be interesting for another. Inevitably, people got allergies when they read about rate of returns, stock markets, funding, etc. Hopefully, the new breed of bloggers (guys and girls alike) will make things digest-able for readers.


♣ Goal of the series? Increase Personal Finance Awareness ♣ 
Too complicated? Let me rephrase... SAVING IS A FASHIONABLE (OR MACHO) THING TO DO! By saying this, we don't mean we will STOP spending and save 100% of our money. Another common myth (that needs to be busted). Little by little we can get into the habit of being financially healthy!

Let's spend and save wisely. 5 or 10 years from now, you'll be glad you did! -CMK



  1. Yey Im down to the very first post of yours on Money Matters. I really enjoyed it and its easy to understand. Right now I am a mom of twins. I already got a Sunlife Maxilink Prime when I was still a single. Then when I had my twins, I finally decided to have a savings account (bakit ngayon lang? huhuhu). I also have BDO Junior Savings Account for my twins. After that I am planning now to have an emergency fund. I am starting small because you know raising twins is not easy financially. After my emergency fund, I am trying to have a COL Financial account. And I will definitely go back to your blog to read more information. Thanks!


    1. Hello Neri! Thank you for your lovely words! Hooray for financial literacy! Better late than never ;) Glad to see you here!

  2. Pero I wanted to start with UITF first kasi I am not familiar pa with stocks. I still need to read more kasi parang hindi ko pa din magets. What do you think?


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