Friday 15 February 2013


Time and again, we've been told about the story of the ant. On how come they have no leaders and have poor eyesight yet they are 'classics' in terms of saving. I guess creatures like them exist to teach us humans some good values. ☺Saving, like Algebra or History class, is not that appealing specially to young ones like us. It's like, you can't take any good thing from it and it's being kill joy and it's contrary to YOLO (You Only Live Once) emerging motto. 

I was one of those people who just shrug when someone talks about saving money. And I won't blame you if you'll turn away from this blog post. Yet, to those of you who are curious, indulge yourself:

Reason #1: Emergency Fund
Simply Put: There's an immediate need, 
and you have to have money, as in NOW.

Most compelling reason why you SHOULD save. Knock on wood but ask yourself: If someone close to me need to pay Php 100,000 for a brain transplant this very moment, do I have something to give or I'll be hospitalized too upon hearing the news? This is a weird example, but replace brain transplant with tuition fees, mortgage fees, down payment for house and lot, etc. 

Reason #2: Inflation
Simply Put: Price of a burger meal today 
will be different 10 years from now.

And that's 99% sure! Remember when you're a kid - your happy meal costs less than Php 100. Have you checked how much this costs now? Another classic example: Jeep Fare. Mom recalls that during her elementary days, jeep fares cost in about less than Php 0.50 and hello to the Php 8.00 minimum fare we have today!! Inflation may be a new term but we've experienced this long before. Studies show that average inflation per  year is 7%. Meaning, if you want to maintain your lifestyle, you should be richer by 7% each year! All the more you need not only to save (keep your money) but to invest (make your money grow).

Reason #3: You have goals
Simply Put: 5 years from now, I want to travel + shop 
+ treat my loved ones + finish my masters degree... and the list goes on..

To travel or to shop or basically to live your dream life is a goal. However, I heard someone says that A GOAL WITHOUT ANY ACTION ITEM IS JUST A GOOD IDEA. You want those things? Sure. Well, what are you doing to achieve those goals? Remember the things you do today will definitely move you closer (or farther) from that dream. This can be the shallowest reason why you should save but it's the most inspiring too!

It's nice to remind ourselves why we need to save. Saving is not only for rich people. Saving is for everyone. And the earlier we fatten our piggy bank accounts, the better.

PS: Saving is nice but investing is better. Till next blog post on Money Matters! -CMK


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