Tuesday 26 February 2013


As Manila temperature rises, I'm hearing a lot of remarks such as: "Summer na!" I couldn't agree less. Specially when you're out of your air conditioned room on a high noon time. Summer heat is making waves! Hello-from-Sunny-Manila will be literal sooner or later! Regardless, don't blow your cool bella, remember that summer is just the PERFECT time to show some skin, colors and crazy prints. Spotlight for today screams FLORAL! Having a bias for classic pegs, I'd say I'm going out of my comfort zone each time I sport this look.

♣ Loud pants means hush-neutral tops! Stick to earth tones, 
famous partner will always be the good old blank tank top.
♣ Wedge your way to the top! Since your bottom appears bulky 
(creating a shorter-leg illusion), wear heels to add height and form.
♣ As edgy as it may seem, this can be worn on your shopping days, 
or school (if the guards will let you pass this time with your summer alibi hehe).

Blouse from NY Square
Floral Pants from NY Square
Watch from Tomato
Platform Wedge from Mario D' Boro

And of course, there's our fashion inspiration cheat sheet.
Lovely 4 celebrities. Common girls, put some 'coolness' this summer! -CMK


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  1. This is so cute! I'm a big fan of floral prints! :)


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