Friday 11 January 2013


Last Tuesday, Veloci Watch held a blogger's event at The Podium. Event was simple yet intimate. It happened just after lunch, perfect for that much needed chikka with your old and new friends. Allow me to share with you some info about Veloci.

Italian-inspired VELOCI watch collection gives new life to iconic silhouettes of classic watch designs through the play of differently-colored watch dials and watch straps to bring about a young, fresh, and stylish look.

Each time piece comes with three watch straps of different colors and color patterns, chosen by a resident stylist, designed to complement the VELOCI watch. This color interplay by VELOCI aims to breath a fresh and practical perspective to time pieces that matches with an individual’s lifestyle and distinct fashion sense.

The VELOCI Cruise Collection
Fashion is mostly about color. The VelociCruise collection comes in a wide palette from cool pastel pink and subdued hues of grey and classic white to the more trendy red, purple and yellow. This collection was clearly designed to be always on-trend and fashionable, leaving the wearer to play with color. The Cruise watch comes in 38mm.

The VELOCI Voyager Collection
Nautical fashion has never gone out of style. The Veloci Voyager nautical-inspired watch collection comes in a variety of watch dial colors: orange for the more adventurous individuals, blue, silver and black for those who prefer classic hues. The watch features a rotating bezel and comes in two sizes: regular 40mm and the bigger, more modern 44mm.

I've chosen a nautical set from Veloci's Voyager Collection. Was about to grab a style that's usually me. But Ms. Kira talked me into getting out of my fashion box and opt for a more "gwapo style!" True enough, I'm loving this watch to bits! Special thanks to Ms. Kira of Elegantly Wasted for this enlightenment!

Left: With Ms. Kira l Right: With Ms. Ana of Veloci Team
  Now, to keep your creative juices coming, 
allow me to leave with you some nautical pegs:

Photo Credit: Google Images
 Let's rock and get out of the box this 2013. In a good way! -CMK

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