Friday 18 January 2013


"Sorry, Maldives... We love you, but we've got a new flame." -CN Traveller

 Top 1: Visit the Famous Underground River
One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. What's interesting about it is 
the cave gets loaded with water on a high tide season, 
such that when it rains, Coast Guard prohibits tourists to enter the cave.
I've been amazed at the rock formation inside. You'll meet Sharon Stone, Holy Family and other interesting figures with the help of Kuya's trusty flashlight.
Some {figures} are so obvious you can't believe your eyes!
Another proof that God is in the details.
Top 2: Enjoy Kalui's Food
One of the famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa.
Palaweños are dubbed to be highly disciplined and 
people who firmly believe in community cooperation.
I can sense that with their organized process even when booking our Kalui's reservation.
Our hotel receptionist asked us if we'd like to go and what time,
and voila! No hassle - and worth mentioning, ON TIME.

Food-wise, they have their best seller known as Tubataha reef, platter has a mix of sweet mango, sea weeds and other fresh stuff. You also get to enjoy a wide variety of seafoods.
Honestly, I got so stuffed that I threw up (sorry) - either that or there's something that I munched that my tummy didn't like. But apart from that, me and my friends had a good time at Kalui. More than their food, I think I appreciate the ambiance the most.
Know more about Kalui, by visiting their website HERE.

Top 3: Enjoy Kalui's Mini Art Gallery 
Palawan is full of surprises - that's for sure! Also - I forgot to mention, we are asked to remove our footwear. Customers are barefooted in Kalui!
I mentioned earlier that I had to rush to the nearest comfort room due to a nature's call right? While at it - I noticed these art works on their hallway! And on the comfort room, here was the scenario. There's 2 best friends in the CR, both aged 50 years old or so (Guessing they're in for a reunion):

Lady 1: Hija can you take a picture of us? (Take note: IN the CR)
Me: (thinking) Gawsh! Make it quick po I need to do something (@.@)
Me: (saying) Okay po tita - 1,2,3 smile. Then headed to the nearest cubicle.
After I did my thing.
Lady 2: Hija pwede isa pa, mejo malabo.
Me: Okay po. 3 Shots para sure!
Lady 1 and 2: Ayan! salamat hija!
Me: Smiling :)

Short Realization: Be ready to be nice in season or out of season!

Going back, their CR and hallways are uber nice and full of artsy-facts!
It's more of abstract paintings but don't trust me.
I am an effin' novice in terms of arts and humanities. Hoho!

 Top 4: Visit Palawan's Mitra's Ranch
To me, it's like Marlboro Country. You can do zipline, horse back riding,
or well - play like a kid. I was happy (just look at the pic) 
when I got the chance to ride the swing!
The experience drove me back to a place when I used to 
swing around the playground as a chubby kid. That's my favorite spot. 
Swing. And a wee bit of see-saw too.
It's never too late to relish your childhood days. When you come back to your reality 
(whatever that is) - the memories will give you a fresh perspective. 

  Top 5: Experience Baker's Hill Bliss 
Bakers Hill are like a villa with food stops and interesting structures inside.
They are well known for their sumptuous Hopias, Ensaymadas and other sweet concoctions.
Place was so spacious you can run around and do your photo-op to your heart's content!
For us, well we're dog-tired that time so we just clicked a few shots and off we went.
   Top 6: Go Shopping @ Binuatan Weaving House
I love this place. Fashion meets mother earth!
Bags. Notepads. Baskets. You name it.
It was a feast to the eyes. I bought a couple of notepads.
They're ugh - well hard to resist. Plus proceeds will help our ate's
so it's a win-win situation really. 

    Top 7: Pay homage to US-JAPAN Barracks
I don't know the exact name of this place but our trip here was 
very educational and stress-relieving.
Like the old field trip in grade school, you come around, somebody will explain,
and you'll nod your head to acknowledge. Good thing there's no quiz this time!

     Top 8: Enjoy the flight and Ysabelle Hotel Relaxing Haven
To relax, relax, relax. If that's your goal, well - you hit the home run!
Flight was steady. Hotel was okay - nothing fancy but just right to bond with your friends.
That plus some rainy drizzles, hayyy! I wish I'm back there!

      Top 9: Dive at Honda Bay
You can rent your snorkeling equipments and off you go!
It's about an hour drive to where we were and 15 mins boat ride I guess.
I love the real life ocean view down there!
Now I know why Palawan is becoming the next big thing!

       Top 10: Food Trip!
Vietnamese food. La Paz Batchoy. Chocolate slash Coffee Shake.
Let's put it this way - I "GAINED" a lot of pounds after this trip.
Oh well - there's always the Planaforma (click HERE) to shed off 
those unwanted flabs. Easier said than done. I know right! :)) 

<<< Rewind! I can't get over this one liner:

Click HERE to read the entire CN Traveller post.
It's more fun in the Philippines vibe finally kicking in. Oh yeah! \m/ -CMK


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and got surprised to see a familiar face in this post. The tallest girl is Maya, right? We were classmates in high school. :)

    1. Hello Je... That's right :) Wow! Small world! :) Ang galing! :D

  2. You blog is awesome and you're gorgeous! Wish you the best.

  3. I always wanted to go here! :(

  4. Palawan is one of my dream places to go! And I hope I'll visit here soon :)

  5. Will go there on nov. 8 :)) will try to visit those specially the underground river. I'm so excited.

  6. Just got home from Palawan. Sana ma-try mo ung ugong rock malapit sa underground. It's beautiful. Sayang Lang Hindi namin napuntahan ung mga ibang napuntahan mo Kasi mas nag focus kami sa El nido for island hoping. :)) it's very tiring but it's worth it.


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