Tuesday 6 November 2012


Mineral make-ups are known due to its nice features of being weightless, 
long wearing, water resistant and well, less chemicals.  
While make up brands update their respective collections with the 'mineral' ones - 
it's nice to know that there's a brand who's flagship products are everything mineral!

The Salad Box, Philippines' first lifestyle and beauty box subscription, 
is true to their promise of giving us a hint of products worth trying! 
On their Touch. Try. Feel. edition (click HERE), 
they have included 2 pieces of Virginia Olsen Mineral Eye Shadow.

Colors: Green Pearl and Pink Diamond
Website: http://www.virginiaolsen.com/
Price per pot: Php 150

Very Light. It feels as thin as air. You can't feel that there's a bunch
of layers on your eyes. Perfect for everyday, touch and go look.
Blendable. Either by hand or brush, beginners would love that it mixes 
with other colors perfectly. Below - I've created some sort of a 
spiral mixture to create an almond shape illusion.
Color Variation. They have sooo many colors for you to choose from.
From neutral loving girls to the more adventurous ones!

 TIP: Swish some eyeshadow dusts on the palm of your hands, 
then with the help of a concealer / blending brush, swipe the particles carefully.

CMK WISHFUL THOUGHTS:Price. It is being sold for Php 150 (per pot). I suggest that you 
invest first with classic colors such as browns, grays and other earth tones.
Tricky to apply. It takes a lot of practice to apply these types of eyeshadows.
Careless application will result to uneven coverage.
Packaging. A change in bottle appearance will upgrade
the product's sophistication factor.

I've realized that playing with mineral loose 
eye shadows is twice the fun too! -CMK

Let me give you some random quote that got me thinking...

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” 
- Helena Rubinstein


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