Tuesday 20 November 2012


Fashion and beauty trends are no respecter of particular country's seasons. That's why even if we live in a tropical country, we still look forward to what's the latest Fall trend. That goes for both fashion styles (dark tones, boots, scarves) and beauty pegs (wine lips, brown hues).

I've been showered by nice makeups from UK - here's one of them! To see the whole collection, click HERE. I haven't took notice of this one until one fine day that I discovered, hey, all the fall colors are present in this palette!

Remember that I failed to acquire a wine red lipstick in favor of my love for pinks? Revlon's Stormy Pink was my loot that supposedly fall lipstick shopping day! Inconsistent? Say it again. But - I'm glad I did get that kind of pink, for detailed review, click HERE.

Ohrayt! Before I get sidetracked some more, here's a mug shot of Makeover Essentials Purse Petite Minis!

Topmost (nude brown and gray) - Eyeshadow Matte
2nd layer with the blue tone - Eyeshadow Glittery
3rd layer - all fall inspired lip shades

Compact. It is a makeup lego. I like the fact that 
you can fold this 4 times. Doesn't take that much space in my bag.
Loving Matte. I'm into matte these days.
My fave is the brown and gray palette.
Colors are buildable. Colors are strategically blended into this kit.
I dig neutral hues. Fall trends shout neutral too. Cool! 

Lacking pigmentation. If you love subtle pegs (like I do) - 
that's not a big deal. However, if you want some intense 
smokey eyes effect, it's still possible. After some more swipes though.
Price. If you're willing to shell out EUR moolahs - this is a good investment.
Brush. Quality of the brush is so-so. Used my own blending and lip brush.
First, I've realized that I have 
one precious petite mini resting on my makeup box -
 and now it's time for her to be a mainstay on my kikay kit!

Second, this is worth your buck. But again, I'm aware that there's a lot of price-friendlier alternatives that can be bought here.
If the latter is true, consider this as a suggested color palette.

Lastly, I bumped into a quote that got me smiling.
I find it so liberating. Here goes:

 "The best thing is to look natural, 
but it takes makeup to look natural." 

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  1. I love how this fits in the bag without taking up so much space. And I love the color palette too -- very natural and on the go :)


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