Friday 23 November 2012


I've been fascinated with the idea of literally holding your ice cream without the dripping and messy episodes. Though I tried to eat a pandesal stuffed with ice cream before, I just can't.
It just don't match. To me, pandesals are for eggs and butter and cream cheeses.

Early 2012 - this cute word was all over media - MOCHI!
 Before we stuff our stomach with these goodies, let's fill in our brain first.

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice (sticky rice) 
pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape.
In Japan, it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.
Small balls of ice cream are wrapped inside a mochi 
covering to make mochi ice cream. - Hence, we got Mochi Ice Cream
Source: Wikipedia

I've never been to Japan, but I've seen Mochi's equivalent in Seoul, Korea.
They have a little flat mochi-like biscuit stuffed with oh!-so-good mousse,
it's actually one of my TOP 5 REASONS TO LOVE SEOUL, KOREA (click HERE)

Going back, that cool hot Sunday, me and Maya
watched the Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 -
for some few ideas on what to expect, click HERE.
Then, the craving starts to kick in!
I know I've seen one Mochi stall in SM Mall of Asia,
but I don't recall exactly where!

We've seen one mochi stall with the green and fuchsia banner,
but I'm freaking sure this is not the one I'm craving.
Thanks to Maya's amazing instinct - we found it!
At last!

Rumor has it. Y-u-m-m-y! One bite and you'll know 
that you'll need to get one and another one and another one...
Premium ingredients. I'm not a cook but I love to eat.
And I can say the chocolate mousse within the mochi is of good quality.
One-of-a-kind. You pick your flavor - allow it to thaw for a few minutes,
only then can you sink in your teeth with these goodies.
Diverse flavors. Peach Cream. Red Bean. Green Tea. From the classic ones
to never heard of flavors. All in.

Diet un-friendly. Teehee! You know what I mean.
You have to have will power to stop. Lots of it baby!
Price. Each mochi costs Php 70. If you want to have 
5 different flavors, that would be Php 350.
Japanese Luxury Sweets - now I get it!

This is something to look forward to this coming weekend!

Mochi Sweets PH Facebook? Click HERE
Mochi Sweets PH Twitter? Click HERE
Mochi Sweets PH - MOA is located somewhere near the ice skating rink ;)

After a productive week, it's time to chill! -CMK


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  1. as i dig your posts from time to time, it makes me love your blog more and more! <3

    i've tried regent mochis, which was about php10 per piece, they're available at any grocery stores :) , pero not this type of mochi yet :/ i wanted to try this, the filling looks yummy! :) cause they're ice cream! :D


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