Monday 29 October 2012


"Yves Rocher Matte Fluid Foundation has an ultra-fluid, fresh and light texture that is transformed into a powdery veil on application. 

It provides a great coverage, a natural-looking and even finish, a velvety matt complexion, refined the skin’s surface and shine control. This foundation contains Scutellaria root and cornflower water. 

Tested under dermatological supervision. Suitable for combination to oily skin and normal skin in hot, humid climates. Comes in a go-everywhere tube-shaped bottle. With a subtle fragrance." 

That's how Beauty Almanac described our product for today. Good or a bad habit, but I don't really put on a lot of foundation in my face. Fear of overdoing it (^^) You'll usually see me dabbing my moisturizer then BB cream and that's it. I don't have much of a ritual in terms of powder and foundation.

I've stumbled upon an article somewhere that the goal of a good foundation is summed up into 2 words: SECOND SKIN! No uneven lines between your face and neck. No crusty and cakey spots. How we wish there's always a make up artist waiting on your kikay corner!

But that's what this product is for. It has that airbrush effect and with proper color matching, you can achieve that much celebrated second skin effect! Yay!

What: Yves Rocher Matte Fluid Foundation
in Natural Blush
Price: Php 600.00 for 30 ml
Available at: Yves Rocher Stores (visit them HERE)

Easy to apply. While others are fan of brushes, I'm advocate of using clean fingers when 
applying foundation / moisturizers / BB creams.
Substance is fairly easy to even out.
Gentle on skin. I didn't have any break outs (pimples) when I tried this on. Usually, I tend to have some little pimples when trying new products. 
This didn't happen with Yves Rocher. 
Staying Power. You apply it in the morning and forget about it. This is working on a 
premise that the day is not scorching hot.
Close to nature. Ditching chemicals and embracing natural products has never been this beautiful!

Price. It's a mid-range beauty product so it's a bit pricey compared to drugstore hauls.
Prone to spillage. Make sure that the bottle is always on 'this side up' mode, else, it can spill upon opening.
☻ It only comes with this size (30 ml) as of this writing.

Ready for some swatch?

 This piece is perfect for normal to special occasion.
I suggest that you invest with good and natural 
looking coverage whenever possible.

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products today? -CMK


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