Tuesday 9 October 2012


"A warrior accepts defeat. He does not treat it as a
matter of indifference nor does he try to
make a victory out of it." -The Fifth Mountain

Life by Paulo Coelho is a compilation of selected quotations from his earlier books like The Alchemist, Brida, By the River Piedra, I sat down and wept, to name a few.

For my own peace of mind, allow me to gently lay down this disclaimer. I feel somewhat uneasy labeling the post series as "reviews" because to me, it's a profound verb that warrants only the taste of the masters. I'd like you to think of me as your friend answering  questions like: How was the movie, food, make-up, and this time, How's the book? Having said that, let's start ☺

I first met this book last 2010 but such didn't entice me just yet. Maybe because I'm being acquainted with By the River Piedra book that time. Summer of 2011, upon strolling Fully Booked BGC, the book caught my eye, opened it and the rest was one romantic book affair.

TITLE: LIFE (Hardbound)
AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins Publisher
PRICE: About Php 750.00 

♣ Blessings, as we might call it, are here everyday.
We just need to see it as they come.
♣ Love requires taking chances. 
And only those who love can see experience God.
♣ Do something, that way, 
time will be your ally rather than enemy.

Material is light. Coelho speaks about life in general,
God. Love. Destiny. Very easy to read.
☺Book is a bit tiny so you can bring it along anywhere
Put it in your bag and enjoy reading along MRT, 
coffee break, or even while waiting for any appointment.
☺It keeps me interested as I turn the pages.
 It's subdivided into 8 different categories which include: 
The Dream, The Path, Love, Chance, Destiny, etc.

☻For a 128 page-book, I am torn if it's pricey or reasonable.
But since the pages are not all text (30% are animation),
I wish the price is a bit lower than what it actually costs.
☻I noticed that some quotations are repeated 
on some pages under different category.
For someone who likes light and easy reading 
coupled with life's realization statements, 
this is one book you should not miss.
Price aside, this is one whole cave of wisdom and AHA moment.

Personally, this book has been my companion since Summer 2011.
And I've lost count of the times that I finished this gem.
To you, What's life? What's love? What are you living for? -CMK


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  1. Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors. His writing never fails to inspire and educate me :)


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