Thursday 18 October 2012


I've heard of the many amazing things a charcoal can do,
but it was my first time to get hold of a charcoal soap.
I got the item from the SaladBox (click HERE)
and from the first glimpse - I knew that it's 
not your ordinary germicidal soap.

Camaru Naturals is a 100% Filipino company.
An excerpt from their site reads:
"We founded our company to offer effective and safe personal skin care products 
for people who seek to experience the benefits of nature. 
We aim to educate people to the benefits their skin can get from fruits, 
vegetables and botanical plants found in rainforests."

What: Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Soap
Weight: 135 grams
Price: Php 150.00
Can be used on: Face and Body

Nature-inspired. Less chemicals may mean less toxins that can harm our skin.
Odorless. It's such a breathe of fresh air to use soaps without overpowering smell.
☺Value for money. A chunk of soap this huge will take so long to use up.
Cleansing : Emphasized. While other soaps boast of add-on effects like this and that, the product centralizes its purpose to being a clarifying soap. Stat!

☻Its color, at times, turns me off. Cleansing with dark black suds?
it might take time for me to get used to this idea. But if you'll look to the next picture, 
it delivers. My hands are squeaky clean! And so I'm torn
 if this is a happy or a wishful thought!

Natural products are always highly recommended on my list.
If you're looking on some new nature-inspired products,
you may want to try this one of a kind black soap.

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Let me cap this post from a quote from one of our brain icons of all time:

"Look deep into nature, 
and then you will understand 
everything better." -- Albert Einstein

What's your latest beauty product adventure? -CMK


  1. Wow! Pinoy-made po pala tong charcoal soap na to! :O

    well, we have a lot of charcoal naman po here sa Pinas.

    And charcoal eliminate odor, kaya po yung Nanay ko naglalagay ng isang dakot na uling sa ref namin nung bata ako, sa may pinto ng ref :)

    (non-related)Btw, have you heard of charcoal burger Miss K? I wanna try that but it isn't available yet here in PH. -_- kung magaling yug charcoal sa external, baka magaling din siya sa internal :) haha.

  2. Everytime I use natural products, I always feel fresh and rejuvenated. I have tried using a black soap before from this certain facial clinic but I think this charcoal soap's better than what I've used before.


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