Friday 21 September 2012


CMK at MIBF 2012

It's been almost a week since Manila International Book Fair 2012
has passed (click HERE), but I can't help blogging about the happy moments
that I had with my friends during this 5-day event.
To those who didn't make it this year, don't worry, there's always next time!

And let me give you 4 good reasons 
not to pass up this opportunity ever again... like ever! #Taylor Swift Mode :)

♣ Good Times. Good Friends. One Event.
This is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends.
I went there with different batches of friends. (Thank God for them!)
One Wednesday, One Saturday, and last is Sunday.
I guess it's one of a kind to bond with them in a book fair. Nuff Said.

♥ Archie Fans ♥

 ♣ Discounts. Value for Money.
Major bookstores offer 20% off on most of their products, 
I say products because it's not limited on books. 
I have a friend who scored a Paulo Coelho's 2013
planner for a chunk of money less.

You've read it right. Php 100. All Items.

♣ Great way to meet your favorite writers.
I heard that Ramon Bautista, Grace Padaca,
Ed Lapiz and other notable all-Filipino authors graced the event.
It's nice to see the book industry is booming. MIBF is one good indicator of such.

♣ Lots of new discovery. I couldn't believe my eyes,
but I saw this Manga version of Bible.
Note: Manga refers to Japanese printed cartoons.
Well - I was happy to learn that lots of creative medium
have been created to present the greatest book of all times.
Remember: "He who is not against you is for you."☺.

Going on with the next part, what's that you ask?
My loot! Books that I've bought from MIBF 2012.
 Take a peek:

♠ 5 Local Books.
4 of which were written by my favorite local author,
Ed Lapiz. The left most part, is written by Kuya Kevin,
(based from its cover).
I love the way Lapiz writes his thoughts.
Refreshing and out of the box.
Haven't read it all yet. But you bet I'm excited to find make time!

♠ Archie Marries! 
Since grade school, I've always been a fan of Archie!
Riverdale High. Betty Cooper. Veronica Lodge.
Awww. And seeing that Archie Marries made me giddy!
Comics is a 2-part saga of Archie's destiny.
I'd say the author is witty! He didn't break any heart
(not Betty nor Veronica) when he launched this paperback stuff.

♠ BIBLE. I bought one for me and another for 
my not-so-little brotha! He got his cool CEV denim Bible 
and mine is a black TEV Bible.
I'd love to show you my new one, but I think you 
should see my Bible who's retiring now.

I think the item below deserves a blog post by itself.
I got this when I was a tiny little girl.
And there you go! My lamp. My Lighthouse. 
My confidence booster. Sometimes crying towel.

Since Circa 1990's

MIBF 2012 was a very good experience (twas my first time).
I hope that I'll have an opportunity to take part of the event again.
Maybe we can meet next year? Looking forward to see you! -CMK.

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  1. Archie!! Oh my, I'm a huge fan of the comics! Hihi


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