Wednesday 26 September 2012


2012 Fashion has been by far a good and wearable year!
It spells out diversity not only in colors and lengths,
but also in terms of textures!

Lace dresses sealed its popularity ever since the 
Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton,
wore that majestic wedding dress.
From then on, long sleeve lace dresses have been a 
symbol of something we all wish for - being a princess. Sigh!

So much for my fairy tale intro,
Long Sleeve Lace Dress is a go-to dress for every bella.
Why? Because it's a style by itself. 
No need to add too much accessories, etc.

Mint Green Long Sleeve Lace Dress from
SM Department Store (cost is less than a thousand pesos)
Gladiator Sandals from
Celine (cost is a little more than a thousand pesos).
I wore this piece when we visited Zen Zest and
got high from all the perfume sniffing! Click HERE.

Fashion inspiration? Look at below.
Fresh and hot-off the runway.
I love the Olive Green cut... I find it too short though.
White v-cut is nice sans the so low line.
Black one is perfect. I'm looking for a dress like this!

Photo Credit : Google Images

Now that the holidays are just around the corner (Hoho!)
it's a good move to invest on these type of classic pieces.
Play with colors and shoes, then you're good to go!
You can forget those complicated getup,
hype this killer dress then have a really 
good time with family and friends.

Sounds like a plan! -CMK


  1. A classic dress is a handy piece in a closet. It's a must-have :)

  2. And I love your lace dress! The color is just perfect :)


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