Monday 10 September 2012


Your Choices. Your Consequences.
Me and my good friend Maya giggled and laughed as we braced ourselves
in watching Amorosa. 

I feel that I'm not in a position to do 'movie reviews'
but think of me as your friend responding to you if you'll ask:
"How's the movie?"

Random Thoughts:
☺ Enrique Gil and Martin del Rosario are so guwapo!
I've never appreciated their looks as before
but hey, these new breed of young actors are the next big thing!
☺It has a touch of drama (aww). Really.
I hate to be a pooper but that's the part
when Enrique's asking Angel, WHY?
Comedy fix. You'll laugh and shout at how Mosang
and Lola say their own version of English lingo.

Twist. This is the coolest part. The twist. Seriously!
I won't be telling you that. But the twist is astig!
It can be at par to Hollywood's The Others.

Overall Realization:
♣ All choices we make have consequences. 
Sa totoo lang kasalanan ni manong ito, 
kung ndi nia pinapili si Angel, walang problema.
Haha. Watch it - you can relate and agree with me! 

♣ If he loves you, he won't leave you. 
True love don't leave you hanging.
Literally and figuratively. 

♣ The nakakagulat parts took away my stress,
it left me and Maya laughing sa mga birits namin! 

So there, watch it guys. It's not your ordinary suspense film. 
Tastefully done. Just be ready to shout your hearts out! -CMK.

Photo Credits : Google Images. Video Credit : Youtube


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