Tuesday 10 July 2012


Have you heard the latest tweet from Senator Miriam Santiago? Here goes:

Photo Credit : Twitter (@senmiriam)

Even the well-respected lady senator ascribes to art as an expression.
With the on going peak of the IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES saga,
I'm sometimes asking myself - what other ways should
we {as Filipinos} do to contribute to this campaign?

How to spread the IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES vibe?

PH Food Exploration, visit Our Awesome Planet, and get drooling on all the yummy foodies.
What about CNN iReport's feature on Eye on the Philippines?
Medical Tourism are being promoted by Belo Medical Group.
And what about the ever famous Underground River in Palawan,
with the growing number of posh and luscious hotels by the day?
Finally - make way for the one who got it all mall - SM Mall of Asia!

Going back to Lisa Macuja-Elizalde as a National Artist for Dance, I'm all for it.
Random Thought : Why don't you watch a Cultural Show for a change?
It's one of my 2012 things to try!

Let me introduce:

Who's in the mood to watch some colorful dance moves?!
How about some coffee at Harbor Square after watching this show at CCP?
Details after the jump.

What ~ Layag : Journey of the Filipino Soul and Dance
Where ~ Folk Arts Theater Cultural Center of the Philippines
Tickets are in these denominations: Php 200, Php 300, Php 500
* Side Note: Most, if not all, good quality shows are for a fee.

As Imelda Marcos, Former First Lady of the Republic of the Philippines, puts:
A man who doesn't appreciate real {dance} beauty is only half a man.

From Sen. Miriam Santiago to Imelda Marcos - Need I say more?
Have fun embracing where you really come from.  -CMK.


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