Tuesday 17 July 2012


Mustard. Such a yummy treat for the eyes. Science associates mood swings with colors, hence it encourages people to play with happy colors. But this still remains a fashion post so I'll proceed with the fashion side. *giggle* Admittedly, Mustard is not a famous color. One of the reasons might be it's too picky and sorta difficult to partner with other colors.

However, it's still nice to pull out this arsenal once in a while to make a "sunny" personality a tangible one! Care to have some little tips?

Neutrality is the key. When you have a loud bottom - it is always sensible to pair your top with something neutral. Such as whites, grays, blacks, browns. Earthy colors.
TOTI (tuck out - tuck in) rule. General rule on tapered (carrot) pants, when you're pairing it with flats - tuck it out. If you're donning some wedge, tuck it in.

Easy on accessories. Mustard color is a statement by itself. And you don't want to overdo it (Or else : Disco ball alert)

Details for CMK's Outfit of the Day:
Mustard Carrot Pants from Plains and Prints (click HERE).
White Lace Top from Surplus Shop
Ballet Flats from Sole Mates - SM (click HERE)
Wore this when I went for a chit chat with a friend. Guess where we ate?
At Krazy Garlic (click HERE).

Today's fashion inspiration is a mainstay on this blog. We first saw her on our GRAY MATTER post. Now she's here again - still wearing gray + mustard pants. Talk about consistency. Wink!

Photo Credit : Google Images

There you have it. Satisfy your mustard {color}
craving on your next shopping.

And yes - it's not everyday that you can see
the item on fashion racks - but -
who knows,

what's meant to be will always find its way! #ganown! -CMK.


  1. Mustard will never die. Ever. Just saying. It's such a wonderful colour! :) Love it on you btw.


    1. Hi Gazel. Agree! Mustard is here to stay :) Thanks for the compliment. Hugs ♥

  2. I hope you'll blog about that mustard color Lacoste bag that I adore! :D


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