Friday 20 July 2012


CMK and Dincee
I'm actually conceptualizing how can I show and tell every good thing that transpired at the Yves Rocher Bloggers' Event. The ideas are just surging - but I need to be organized! So, I thought of listing them one by one. And Yes! With photos!

It all started when I got a nice email from Yves Rocher Brand Manager inviting yours truly to attend their Mini-Shopping Spree at Yves Rocher Trinoma Branch.

Fast forward - Reddie (car) is coding so I took the MRT and haggardo versoza ang peg! Sweating a bit and my pants (darn!) is slipping off! A pretty young lady approached me. Just call her Dincee. I've been introduced as well to Ms. Vianca, Jeff, JC, Saiza and the team. So before I do monologues here. Let some photos do the talking.

CMK ♥ Yves Rocher because of ways more than 1!
Pronounced without the "S" on Yves and without an ending "R" on Rocher :)

The Make Over. I seldom try make overs in fear of getting zits. But I got so comfortable with their products I got excited jumping off in front of the mirror. From moisturizer, toner to primer and lipsticks. Products can speak french (read: Good Quality). The snapshot to your left is the finished product WITH A TWIST. That was taken AFTER riding MRT, Bus and Jeep. Seriously! Talk about staying power!

The Make Ups. Here's the educational part. Yves Rocher is a french brand and they 'grow' their own products. Meaning the plants and all the other ingredients are from their own farm. Up to the ink that they're using. So ditch the chemicals and hello botanical it is! I personally love their foundation. From the picture above - gosh! I'm virtually without pores! That settles it. Haha!

Price Range. If you think that this is a super bloated pricey product. Debunk your myth bellas! Their makeup lines are generally less than Php 500.00. Except for the good mineral foundation (that's good for a year) which costs over a thousand. But again - seeing you with no pores - worth the double thinking dude!

Next stop is where Yves Rocher is well known for. Guess what? 2 words. Anti-___?
Let's see if you got it!

Anti-Ageing. Yeah, not sure if that's the French English of Aging. But here's the famous line of Yves Rocher. The Elixir 7.9 below is their latest addition. How to use? Blend it with your moisturizer or as is - that's your fountain of youth! 

 Daily Skin Care. Wash + Tone + Moisturize = Healthy, glowing face is still our mantra. I'm happy that Yves Rocher can cater from the most affordable to high end products. Latest one is their apple-based moisturizer, it costs around Php 1,650 for 50 ml. Though as you can see some of the lines have reasonable tags.

  Blogger Event was a huge success! From product awareness to trying the good stuff myself. It is indeed one event that's memorable to me. They even have a photographer that shoots all the right angles. Special thanks to Jesus of course, then to the Yves Rocher Team.

As CMK has written on their board. Botanical Products = ♥♥♥. -CMK


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