Friday 22 June 2012


Known to be the last installment of Twilight Series,
Breaking Dawn Part 2's story line has evolved in so many ways.
From Bella's great leap of facial expression to impressive effects.
I, for one, haven't read the book yet.
But I guess I'll settle on seeing this movie on the big screen.

Of all the 2012 Hollywood movies, Twilight Breaking Dawn 2
made it big on advertisement (pictures, covers, teasers).
No wonder Kristen Stewart made it to the highest paid actress roll;
I believe Bella Swan deserves it.

The Addam's Family is a thing from the past,
Introducing the Cullen Family. (Photo Credits : Google Images)

What about their official teaser, which by the way lives up to its name.
View after the jump!

It accomplished its purpose to tease me and watch this for the world. Tehee! -CMK

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